Xian Biang Biang Haymarket

located in the Dixon Street end of China town (near where N2 Gelato) is in Xian Biang Biang. A regional restaurant featuring cuisine from Xi’an China. Renowned for these dishes, the roujiamo – a chinese burger of sorts, liang pi – cool noodles, pao mo – a biscuit you break up into bits and soaked in soup and their wide noodles; the biang biang – having travelled to Xian earlier in the year – Xian Biang Biang is quite easily the best iteration of this regional cuisine that we’ve had in Sydney easily.

Biang Biang has a cheerful orange contemporary food court fitout feel and is housed right under the apartments here at Dixon. Most dishes come in around $15, the buns are $8 and admittedly it is pricier than most other places but its popular with locals and the quality of their food is pretty great. We sat next to a table where a fellow diner said he was from Xian and that the food here for his money, was pretty authentic.

A duo of chinese bevvies, one a cooling tea and the other an orange pop.

The Biang Biang Rou Jia Mo – its a chinese hamburger filled with fatty delicious pork. It’s $8 which can feel a bit pricey but we rather enjoyed this. Crispy pastry and deliciously greasy.

We had this in Xi’An China

From the Set meal – we actually ordered something similar while in China (chinese version is on the turqoise table) – couldn’t read the menu; just pointed and a version of this came. It’s stewed pork, chilli, some of of braised beef and potato salad sitting on 2x2inch squares of noodles. Full of savoury, spicy flavours this could easily be one of our favourite Chinese eats in Sydney now. Silken noodles coated in lush savoury sauce, delicious meaty pork, spicy but not overtly uncomfortable. Perfect in winter.

Earlier in the year, having read Eater’s Xian noodle article, we went looking a version of this but what we found certainly didn’t meet our standards but Xian Biang Biang’s version of the wide chinese noodle is a spicy pleasing version of it. It’s hot with plenty of heat (This is the no 16) and a slurping good time.

What looks like it’d be the spicy end of us; Xian Biang Biang’s Liang Pi (Cold Noodles) is a surprisingly easy eating and with a good level of spice with that aromatic scent of chinese sesame oil. The Liang Pi is a chewy number. Served cold, the noodles are bitey and digging around in the bowl, chunks of gluten adds a nice meaty bite to the dish. It’s vegetarian.

Some sort of servicable asian salad. It’s okay. Save your money for the noodles and buns.

We can already see Xian Biang Biang being a local Chinatown haunt how we’d revisit Chinese Noodle House. What’s here is really high quality versions of Xian classic with plenty of crowd pleasing flavours that you won’t find in the me-too malls around the city. Spicy, savoury, warm hearty bowls of Xian excellence. Affordable and delicious. Essential Chinatown.


Xian Biang Biang

Shop 41, 1 Dixon Street, Chinatown, Sydney
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