So, we outerdive today; and we land at Uncle Mings Bar @ 55 York Street, This is the main bar at UMB.  A lot of small bars are dimly lit but UMB Isn’t. Its all hues of red+pink+yellow. And the bar counter is this beautiful, ornate chinese styled joinery with “borrow view windows”… sorry but those historical architecture lessons on chinese window philosophies and how they borrow the view in from the outside are rusty. It is colourful.  Effusively so. You have got to love how it looks.

One of the best things about all these urban dive bars that’s popping up? Its the fact that they exist in locations that’d probably be ruinous to other forms of trade and now that the liqour license policy is in place, can sustain (will lets hope it can) a great little dive bar like the UNCLE MING’S BAR. The entry to Uncle Mings? You’ll have to go looking for this. Down the stairs you go.

It was so chintzy, red and deliberate that you can’t help but admire the work done to create this faux chinoserie dive. Catchphrases that pop to mind. Sino. Chinoserie. 80’s chinese flicks. In The Mood for Love. Red. And yeah, its hella red.

I don’t think Uncle Ming is real but he has a story. Its ridiculous of course but funny to read.


The kitchen is behind this rounded carved window. They’re going to prep your dumplings in that kitchen.

round arch way. Old school stools. Unpolished concrete floor. Pink/Red/ Yellow Hues.


old school chinese pinups, stools. rusticated walls + art.

Going from the ho hum street and that rather bleak looking entry into what looks like a opium den, with red wood furniture and ample seating.

Chinese New Year Celebrations at uncle Mings


Tiger in the house. Drummers at the back.


And the crowd goes wild.


Loving how the red lighting is making this place look. Its just so different.


The spectacle was well received. Really fun.

There is a wide selection of asian beers and it’s all really good. Had some sort of cocktail that came in a chinese teapot and it was a good one. Had hits of chilli in it. It was an interesting, flavourful and good burn. The vibe in Uncle Mings is great and I’ve been back a few time for drinks. Its nice to have something different and the ability to get yummy dumplings and not have to head off in search of food is nice. Scallop and Prawn dumplings both really good.

They play a mix of modern tunes and easy listening 70s music and this retroasian mix. Its all very novel and fun.

Also quite amusing is the music + voice recording that plays in the bathroom. Check out Uncle Mings on York. Look for the bicycle on the street and head down. He won’t disappoint.

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