The mystical asian foodtruck Tsuru, is a black, japanesey scaled beast that has taken a while to hit the streets. It surfaced with its cohorts (veggie patch/agape/eat art) at the MasterChef Live 2012 event at the Entertainment Quarter. It was the food I was most excited to try at the event;  (I kind for forgot that agape was there) but yeah.. . see ya on the road Agape foodtruck.


kind of looks like a snake if you squint a bit. It doesn’t have any of the wow factor that veggie patch has but still cool to see.


Tsuru Menu/Price guide.

Pork Bun on the counter. MM.. braised pork belly + coriander.

Sampler Plate $15
Pork belly Buns. This was softly/freshly steamed and a very soft asian bun. Compared to the Momufuku Buns, these were twice the size. Very yummy with soft tender pork belly that is coated in a savoury/sweet asian glaze. Herbs added a fresh bite. I read elsewhere there is cucumber but mine I don’t think had any. I did have to eat around the dough to get to the filling so the first couple of bites was just dough. But delicious and worth coming to Tsuru for.

Chicken Satay. This is good. Nice and tender with a decent peanut sauce. There wasn’t a lot of meat on my skewer though compared to the other ones I saw on the other blog on urbanspoon. A very light bite. 4 of these at $12? I don’t know about that. It made me wonder if the sampler plate had smaller portions? But the bun was the same size.

Cripsy Wings. The one miss. It was cold. and cold fried foods is never good. Had a tumericy flavour to the wing. I do wish it was a fresh out of the fryer and that the sauce was spicier. I mentioned to FSC that KFC might be better :gasp. I don’t eat at KFC often but the wings aren’t bad.

Pandan Pancake. This is like a modified version of a peanut pancake – very interesting to eat, was peanutty, gooey and had some sort of chocolate sauce inside. very tasty. Menu says there’s cheese? I didn’t taste cheese. But its good!

Really enjoyed the sampler plate that had most of the food from the tsuru food truck as a first taste. And its pretty neat that they do offer a sampler. I do however think that at a glance that the price on everything ala carte ($12) is $2 too pricey. At $12 …its $6/bun. On Richard Elliot’s blog, the bun is $4.50. A 33% price increase.

The pancake is reason enough to hunt Tsuru down though. I’d order 3 and be happy.



I went to their website. The menu is different on the road. There might have been masterchefLIVE tax on the prices.

buns $4.50

onigiri of the day $3

satays 2 for $4. so 4 = $8

desserts $3


Tsuru Food Truck on Urbanspoon

5 Responses

  1. Tina

    Yum! Food trucks :) I haven’t bought anything from food trucks before, and I don’t think I’ll have the pleasure of going Momofuku soon, so I’ll defs wait to try the pork bun here. Big is always good, plenty to share or have to yourself, hehe. And Iguess it’s pricey to cover the costs of petrol and whatnot, but yeah, the prices are a tad too expensive.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. TheJugernaut

    yeah, Helen, its surprising the food cost that much more; because the other stalls; if anything sold their stuff cheaply inside the horden and RHI. I didn’t go to the other food trucks and I wonder now.