For the month of October and good food month. A whole bunch of bar venues – 49 venues have joined in with a tapas and TanquerayGin cocktail for $20. We get chaffeured around town by Prestige Chaffeurs and Tonight, We Tanquerayed. Invited do by Leo Burnett and Tanqueray; Thanks for the good times guys. Lets see how we barhopped.

Sean from Prestige Chaffeurs at our first stop – The Star Sydney. We’re here for Black by Ezard and also Cherry Bar.

Marco Oscar Giron (@marcooscargiron on instagram) the bar manager at Black by Ezard makes some mean cocktails and does them with flair.

Sling and Wing Deal. $20

We ended up with a light fruity cocktail that had Tanqueray gin, a nice trio of hotwings and an aerated blue cheese mousse.

Cherry Bar is located inside the casino.

The Cherry Bar – barhop offer is prawns and a echo friendly cocktail.

Delicious duo of prawns with the Echo Friendly cocktail which was sweet and presented in ice.

Sun’s set and we’re off to #bar3. Sean’s here.

Star Bar located along George street is doing a Tanqueray Songbird and Wild Mushroom, Aranchini Balls

Tanqueray Songbird and Wild Mushroom, Aranchini Balls – quite nice. Easy drinking cocktails and a nice pipping hot aranchinis.

Barhop: Bar 4 is a Rendezvous bar and this joint had the strongest cocktail and the most wowee tapas eats.

Porkbelly and grilled octopus and a gin gin negroni. That’s a surprisingly big plate of food. Pork Belly has us grinning

Barhop Venue 5 was The Bourbon. Tonight there was live music and people dancing here.

The bourbon: Dew Diligence: Tanqueray Gin & Grand Marnier with fresh pineapple & dill, crushed & shaken with fresh lemon juice; Boneless Southern Fried Chicken Bites and devilled BBQ sauce

Barhop done. Sean’s here to take us home. Prestige Chaffeurs did make us feel like VIPs – the service was premium and fantastic.

The barhop offer of $20 with a Tapas/Eat and a Tanqueray Gin cocktail is great value – and makes it an easy recommendation for the month if you’re a barhopper like us. Extend you drinking dollar by getting fed as you hitting the bar hop trail. There’s heaps of venues – check out the links below. It should be noted, we did drop back to Black by Ezard the following Friday following Street Fest and had the sling and wing.


BLACK by ezard on UrbanspoonCherry on UrbanspoonStar Bar on UrbanspoonThe Bourbon on Urbanspoon