The Workers located in Balmain celebrated their 1st Birthday and we head back to the Balmain area (here just days prior for craftbeerweek at the Welcome Hotel). The workers with its pick and hammer logo is up the stairs along Darling Street. Its fairly non-descript so you have to know what you’re looking for. Its a great looking modern pub. Pic below showcases where it sits. Sandwiched right between Balmain Wine and Zumbo. Good company.

Workers Balmain (20)

Neon Logo betrays its modernity. Red Doors

Workers Balmain (7)

Modern typography, a yak head make up the bar area. Its quite on trend.

Workers Balmain (23)

Look up and you’ll see these men staring down at you.

Workers Balmain (24)

A look across the room. There’s largish communal tables and also Louis the XII mod chairs scattered around.

Workers Balmain (3)

The upstairs area of The Workers is a large space with exposed services and rafters. It is quite impressive with a nice bit of Greenwall.

Workers Balmain (13)

There’s a nice outdoor area to the side

Workers Balmain (18)

Of the various signages around in there, the Yolo one is great. That’s a real green wall.

Workers Balmain (19)

1st Birthday Party.

Workers Balmain (11)

At the front of the bar is a velveted corner where live music and comedians can do their act. This venue is set up for gigs.

Workers Balmain (1)

MC+Comedian on stage.

Workers Balmain (21)

Tacos and Guacamole. From the Mexican Side of the Menu

Workers Balmain (8)

A pulled pork Taco.

Workers Balmain (22)

Shrimp Taco

Workers Balmain (15)

Kind of doused it with a little too much of the hotsauce. Packed a real kick.

Workers Balmain (6)

Excellent little burger slider which tasted a lot like Maccas but better. Bun was nice and soft. We also had their chicken wings and that was similarly good.

Workers Balmain (4)

Cottage Cheese and Jalapeno poppers. Batter was light and these packed a real flavour punch. Excellent eats.Workers Balmain (14)

Expect G+Ts, tap beers and ciders and sexy sailor women from Peroni on their coasters.

The Workers Balmain does a modernised local pub and diner well – its slick and fun with an impressive central hub which can easily house large parties and gigs. Not pictured but of note is the numerous small rooms far removed from the hive of activity where you can have private gatherings round the back. The youthfulness of the fitout is unexpected but quite trendy giving the venue a liveliness and hip quality. From the You Only live Once signage to the splashes of colour, its got a great vibe. Comedy Nights and Live Music gig are also afforded here so it’s going to be fairly rounded evening out. Food was great and we really enjoyed the menu, again the jalapeno poppers were a great eat. Good burgers and tacos too.

You’re only one once. Happy Birthday The Workers. For something a little different in Balmain, drop in and check it out at 1/292 Darling St Balmain. (The website links to Facebook giving social media the nod).
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Jugs+Co visited courtesy of CardinalSpin

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