This is what you see on the street. They kinda of have a bit of a star wars fetish. So, this is a visit to the SG (previously Spooning Goats) on its 1st birthday.. We kinda joked “the owner has to be kiwi.” On the menu, magaritas and donkey kong (winner gets a bottle of the tequila).

There’s an eclectic feel to the venue. There is adequate light levels so it wasn’t a totally dark venue. The photo’s a fairly accurate representation. The art on the walls is for sale

The SG bar. You see this the second you step past the threshold. Wear a belt and don’t show your bumcrack!

Lotsa spoons  (spooning?) and an ewe on the counter.

$10 Milagro Tequila drinks. Had both the tommys and the pacman cocktail.

The venue has a novel feel of being a games room – you can play (Connect 4?) as seen here.

Drinks. No.2+3 are games inspired.

You get to play Donkey Kong at the venue. We only had a max score of 2000 as we’re terrible at this. But it was susprising fun. Hey Miyamoto, your gaming classic holds up.
All up, The SG is a rather nice small bar. I liked that it had a games lounge feel to it with art pieces  on the walls – and of course, retro video games. The feel is innerwest hipster home with the rustic furniture pieces used to decorate the space. The trip to the bathroom is rather amusing with a laundry basin built into the mens.
What would markedly make the venue stupid fun is putting a dance central unit in there – It’s fun and dumb. Regardless, inspired to watch the King of Kong now. Visit it at: 32 York Street.

The SG is back in the news as there’s a bit of brouhaha about their name : Read about it here.

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