We went through a large selection of TPK drinks and cocktails and one of the things you will note is that diners will gawk and marvel at your drinks because they’re quite possibly some of the most exciting looking and impressive looking cocktails you’ll have. The table next to us certainly went “WOW what is that? numerous times” There’s smoke, ice, molecular, foams and then some – and its not just outward presentation. These techniques change how their cocktails taste and they’re all the better for it.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (22)

Yes Powder Keg does Molecular cocktails and these spherified mojito balls were a throwback to the time we had them. Gorgeous presentation. You’ll love these

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (21)

TPK BBQ Mary – Horseradish root vodka + TPK steak smoked mary mix + house made beef jerky + bbq bitters. Served long in a can with dehydrated maple infused bacon, cherry tomatoes & beef jerky straw.

Its a meal in a can. TPK’s bbq Mary is packed full of a juicy savoury bloody mary twist and there’s bacon and jerky. We loved the presentation and taste and yes the bacon and jerky were both good eating.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (35)

TPK Negroni. London dry gin + punt e mes + campari + carbonation.

We loved this, this was a darkly velvety rich Negroni that fans of the drink should rush in for. Well balanced, smooth and delicious. Like TPK, one of the best in Sydney.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (20)


The Powder Keg - Potts Point

At the Powder Key, you can do a bit of a Gin Flight. You get a Gin Vaportini, a coconut+gin drink, a molecular cube of gin and gin sorbet. We should make the observation that the the Gin Vapouriser is a drink you’ll be inhaling all dinner long as the heat fills the ball with Gin vapours – that goes right into your blood stream when inhaled. It’s heady and fun and we loved that. Adjoining that is their Deconstructed G+T, yummy tonic foam (that tasted like coconut) and iced London Gin. The Edible G+T is a jellied G+T that you ate withe fizz powder. Gin Sorbet makes us wonder why Messina hasn’t made this.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (13)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (12)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (17)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (19)

Gunpowder Plot Gunpowder tea spiked gin +fernet branca +gunpowder syrup+ dandelion & burdoch bitters + fresh citrus. Served in a smoking cloche with gunpowder twigs.

The fantastic Gunpowder Plot is an expressive dramatic cocktail that from the minute you order it; takes about 15 minutes to get to you as it gets smoked and infused with gunpowder tea smoke. If you’re near the bar, you will see the cloche increasingly fill up with smoke and what you get when ready is a cocktail potent with smoke and richness of flavour. Its well rounded on the palate and the foam that’s on the drink has absorbed the flavours of the smoke.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (23)

TPK Gin and Tonic. London dry gin + lavender bitters + grapefruit bitters + fever tree tonic. They have these on tap and its also a sizable serving of G+T that’s refreshing and light. In it, lies a large wedge of grapefruit, lime and juniper seeds. We drank these during dinner and the cleansing quality to the G+T made it a good choice between courses.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (14)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (15)

Volcano Punch – Dark rum + apricot liqueur + bitters + fresh passionfruit + OP Rum float. Served smoking.

This was a fun time cocktail that will arrive at your table bubbling. Its comes in a tall tiki. One of the sweeter cocktails we’ve had tonight and quite fun if you’re in the mood for one of these.

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (8)

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (9)

TPK titanic. Served with a gin foam, juniper and mini titanic coffee ice cube. We were informed that we should push aside the foamy/jelly like gin foam and drink the gin while sucking that bit of titanic ice. Aside from the molecular hijinks and novelty; the cocktail delighted being a robust gin lovers delight

The Powder Keg - Potts Point (10)

TPK truffle and gin. We read the menu and got a bit silly excited thinking this was “truffle” truffle. What came was a Gin+Tonic with 3 chocolate truffle balls that you would eat as you make your way into the cocktail. The chocolate coffee notes in the truffle paired well with the drink and served as contrast/complement to the drink. It’s also great.

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