The Copper Mill is sort of hidden, well its kind of you gotta know where this sits – its adjacent to a large business park and not far from Princess Park Properties large residential megaplex in ersko/st peters but there it is, this rather darkly intimate, industrial chic and rather nice cafe just placed located here. We’ve driven down the Mitchell road quite often and not noted this. The appearance of a desolate foodscape.


The Copper Mill is housed under a large architectural practice just there.


Its rustic looking, with grey walls – the counter where the coffee machine is a large piece of rusticated timber and a simple glass box for the sweet eats.


Nice timber batten screen there. Seperates the two businesses and yet permits light through. You can sit at the counter too


Mecca Coffee, St Ali. The kitchen area is a largeish island filled with activity


Special lamb shoulder sandwich was pretty good and well presented.


Coddled Egg dish, came with a long teaspoon to scoop out the contents crusty buttered bread and a jar with eggs, sweet potato mash. Different and well worth checking out.




Cap. Its got to be said that both coffees were great. Very happy with these.

The Copper Mill is a neat find and really rather nice if you’re in the area and don’t really want to wait about an hour plus at the grounds. You’ll be in and out long before then. Quite delighted to have come here. Friendly staff, good food, great coffees.

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