Eastwood. We’re not particular familiar with this part of Sydney but its got the feel of a more updated Ashfield/Marrickville with the streets and shop frontages looking newer. We park, wander past shops blasting chintzy chinese pop tunes (there’s heaps to eat on the street, from Bbq, hotpots, dumplings to Taiwanese eats – we chance past a shop making pastry things filled with stuff) We’re here for Tan Viet’s legendary (according to the pregnant friend and her hipster friend) vietnamese fried chicken.
Tan Viet - Eastwood (3)

Inside its a surprisingly modern venue although the paisley wallpaper is odd and discomforting. It makes you think you ought to be eating hightea, not asian food. Everything else feels about right, from the condiments on the table to the tissue box.

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Instead of “Cash only”, its “Eftpos Not Available”. Its a tight menu with 1 dish per laminated page; they don’t do a lot of dishes here.

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We never worked out what to do with the sprouts. Here’s a partial overview of lunch between four. Maybe if someone had ordered a pho, maybe. It could have maybe gone into the wonton noodle soup… someone tell us.

Tan Viet - Eastwood (9)

Vietnamese styled Hainan chicken, Wonton Noodle Soup. The chicken looked like a dreadful version of the dish with the skin looking particularly rubbery but it was surprisingly good on the taste front. The absence of chili was a shame. Its not on the echelon of this variety of dishes though but it was good. Wonton Noodle Soup was a large serve with heaps to eat in there. Pipping hot broth with decent pork dumplings and was a bit of these.

Tan Viet - Eastwood (7)

Tomato Rice and Beef. Quite nice, tender beef that was smokey and charred and quite generous for the type of dish it was. They also don’t skimp on the rice as there was  bit of it.

Tan Viet - Eastwood (6)

Tan Viet - Eastwood (5)

We came for the crispy fried chook and it was crispy and delicious. The hot oil rendered the fat away leaving the skin crispy, paper thin. Was a treat with tender moist flesh inside and also crunchy burnt bits. We had this with the noodles; it was served dry with a very mild sauce that you worked into the noodles before eating. Tan Viet, we’re sold.

Tan Viet was cheap and cheery and good eating. It worked out to be about $15 each and we had eats and their coconut drinks too. If this were nearer to the home base, we can see ourselves frequenting. Good stuff.

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  1. Gaby

    My ex-intern used to work at that branch. The crispy chicken is definitely their best seller.