Kind of looks like we came here to score. Divey.

Located in the back alley of Surry Hills lies this rather fantastic gem of a small bar and diner.  I say small bar even though sticky is pre small bar *licensing law change. Its the OG. The building houses 2 establishments – a bar on the attic level called sticky and a communal dining space on the 1str floor called Table for 20. I follow them on twitter and Michael said he had some spare table so I thought, why not.




swallow this food bits (italian hotdogs and dark rum milkshakes) + drinks


Here’s a look at the space. Its all painted black, there’s a back room, and plenty of seats around. You can just make up the loft space


More seats and the back room


Casual cool loft.



Cant’ really remember what these are as I’ve had this in my archives for a long time – but it was a great evening and the drinks were reasonable. We had the bartender make us something special which I think came in the cocktail glass. We had all three drinks they featured, the obama juice, peach slap and the 6 year spritz. Prices are reasonable, space is great and Sticky is a pleasant bar to hang around. Plus? And it didn’t feel wanky.




On Level 2 sits table for 20. Concept is communal dining – 20 diners per table and the food is family styled so you get a platter of food and you pass it along. Its BYO. :) You’ll need to book in advance and while you wait, you can hand them your wine and they will keep it for you til dinner time. Easy breezy. Michael Fantuz the guy who runs it, introduces the dinner, and part of the proceeds of this dinner goes to charity. It’s a lovely intiative and you really got to support businesses that advocate this.
During dinner, a live musician sits and plays some music. It was funky.


They’re kind of posing and smiling at the camera even though my friends just ignored me taking photos. Lovely strangers :)



And here’s the other table.


Lamb roast and Potato. And gravy with white bean and broc side.


Here is is all piled up. Delicious



Vongole Spagetti with white wine I believe. Good. The table came with a nice bottle of sparkling.


Dessert was a chocolate cake with cream. Didn’t really love the cake as I can bake better than this cake :P And I don’t even cook normally. It was okay. It was very much a home styled chocolate cake – possibly could have used a bit less time in the oven.

That said, heartily recommend both Sticky and Table for 20. Fantastic evening. BYO makes it magic! I don’t think they charged corkage too. These lovely lovely people.


Table for 20

182 Campbell Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
For bookings call or text: 0416 096 916


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