256 Crown St Shop 4, not that that address means much. Shady Pines; even if you know where it is, is hard to find; somedays, there’s nobody out front and you can’t even tell where it is. Most times however, its the presence of the big hulking bouncer and/or queues that will reveal where the entrance is. It is a black door painted in that laneway.

Once you enter, Shady Pines is a themed small bar/speak easy. The joint has a western themed with animals everywhere and a buckeroo hillbilly sensibility. Quite fun. The back counterbehind the mixologists is a shelf filled with taxidermied animals and the most amazingly comprehensive selection of booze. Like stars in the sky – speaking of stars, yup, they love their fairy lights here too

stuffed animals, fishes on the walls.

some sort of grapefruit cocktail. Bitter and refreshing. Good.


saloonesque aesthetics. Chairs. timber panelling. lights. Its a western themed smallbar.

Tom collins. Maraschino cherry/ OJ / Whiskey. Good. American flag.

Thing about Shady Pines is that its a very easy place to hang out. Its themed, feels rather fun and they’re quite good at refilling the free peanuts they provided. Bar staff are friendly as are the super efficient table cleaning guys. Drinks are also great. And about par for the small bars. Accessible, mixed crowd, good natured fun. This is their OG venue. They also have Baxters Inn at Clarence Street and a pizzeria called Frankies at Hunter. Both in the city.


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