Rosie Campbell’s brings to that corner of Surry Hills a Jamaican flavour with pineapple, bananas, jerk seasoning, rum all featuring on their menu. Its a good time, good vibes sort of venue – with a fun colourful vibe and happy friendly staff. This is the experience group’s second venue in Sydney – the first is the always popular Soda Factory with their dollar dogs and ole time vibes. With a American BBQ round the corner, and mr crackles not far, this corner of surry hills is a good food time!

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Rosie Campbell’s is colourful venue with oodles of character and a happy easy vibe. The space is broken up into more communal dining tables and also booths and stand alone tables. Our only quibble is that the fitout didn’t allow for barside seating.

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Dinner is served!

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Entree/Sides – we had their Mac and Cheese, Callaloo Greens (leafy greens and okra cooked in coconut milk) and corn fritters. Mac and cheese needed more cheesy flavours and salt but the rest of the sides were pretty great.

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A trio of mains – Yes, Rosie Campbell’s does burgers and unlike anything you’ve had in Sydney. Their Jerk Chicken burger comes with a overly generous mountain of jerk fries (we were told that the pork ribs and burger comes with jerk fries and advised not to order off the side menu – and they ain’t kidding). Jerk chicken came on a bed of rice with beans and had a delicious bite and kick to it. Similarly the Jerk pork ribs was tender, large in serve (share the mains guys) and yes a mountainload of jerk fries. Jerk Chicken burger was a juicy mouthful using what appeared to be thigh cutlets. All 3 mains we had are delicious, packed full of flavour and quite the feed around $18 each. Again, winning.

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Cocktails – Yes, Rosie Campbell’s is very much a rum bar and you’ll see Pampero Dark Rum  and also Appleton White Rum feature a bit in the cocktails. Its a good drinking cocktail list ($18ish) – of course rum fiends will be overjoyed. There’s also plenty of other spirits to imbide on the following pages. Top (L) Rosie’s Estate – white rum and tanqueray gin – fruit with a blend of watermelon, honeydew and sugar cane (R) Montego Bay Punch – Pampero white and dark rum, don julio tequila and a bevvy of fruits. Bottom (L) Campbell’s Sip – very strong cocktail that packed a punch for you boozers (R) Rosie’s Coco Colada in a cute coconut cup. Tasty coconut, lime, banana number with Dark Rum

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A duo of desserts –  Caribbean cheesecake mess w pineapple, cheesecake cream, meringue, ginger cookie and rum caramel and a Warm Caramel Rum cake – with coconut ice cream and whipped cream (both $14). You can’t go wrong with either but the rum cake was moist, delicious and the caramel and coconut icecream pipped it to the finish.

With plenty of Jamaican inspired eats, great cocktails and a fun casual eatery vibe – Rosie Campbell’s is the latest hotspot to check out in Surry Hills. Had a great time here and the service was pretty great too. They’re also open for brunch from about 11am Friday – Sundays with a different menu (pancake stakes, burritos, omelets and granola too. Plenty of reasons to visit. We quite liked this.

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