Reuben Hills is located at 61 Albion street on a fair non descript street that is now very much cooler with them present. We came for coffees + dessert after dropping into El Loco for lunch (hnngh… that fish sandwich). Previously had the drip coffee + eggs in some sort of tomato sauce (Baleada). It was quite good.

Reuben Hills is now always really busy and its not a surprise, nice fitout, great vibe – good repute for having great coffee. There was 4 of us this time, 3 adults, 1 2 year old.  There was a slight wait when we got there but the wait staff were friendly and Ben promptly came up to take note of our company so that when tables were freed up, we could be seated. Note. Probably some of the funkiest looking wait staff around.

4 drinks. I had the ethiopian drip coffee and when the guy brought it, I was informed that I should let it cool a little so the flavours open up and yes, it was really good.

Salted Caramel Shake. A+M had this and they loved it, thought it was really delicious. FSC wants me to drop it on here that I’m not allowed to hate  on it; she loves it! And as I don’t like caramel, I kind of knew I won’t like it. Thought it tasted and smelt funny. (like the way caramel taste and smells I guess)

Piccolo. Great. Delicious.

Babychino. Devoured. Kids…


clever low cost menu. I admired the gusto. Photocopied on A4.  Funky Image(varies) on the other side.

gorgeous lights. The fitout was done by Herbert Mason (and Chris The from blackStar had acknowledged that he went to see them to do BLACKSTAR 2.0). Its funky warehouse cool.


blockwork walls. unfinished brick. plastered shapes/reveals. roastery upstairs.


Fancy coffee machines.

The garagey other end of rueben hills. Shawls! Exposed rafters, timber beams, unfinished concrete.




Give a dog a bone ice cream sandwich. Served on a plate that has a lost cost/industrial throw back look. Very good. I really dug the cakey top and the whole thing (cake+icecream+marshmellow fluff) didn’t taste like sugar. Which is good. Yummo.


Friendly staff – the whole getting seated experience shouldn’t be an ordeal (see THEDIP) and this was handled well. Music possibly a tad too loud (like a discotheque in there when we went), great space and solid coffee. It is a tad pricer being Surry Hills but we all really liked it. This is a great venue and demonstrates the power of a great fitout coupled with good food. like it a lot.


Note: They were trying to clear tables as they would being so busy. And the table of 4 took about 15-20 minutes from when the staff gave them their receipt to leave (take a hint!)
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