Yeah so, em two burger joints that made our Best Burgers in Sydney Guide: Pub Life Kitchen and Mexican Taqueria joint Barrio Chino + Cellar have officially gone and done the deed and kiced off a 2 month pop up at Camperdown’s Deus Cafe. This comes on the back of their Barrio Cellar pop up (which however was more PLK vs Barrio – pitting each other as to who will sell more in a friendly competitive challenge). The current #BarrioxPLK is a different beast. More full fledged with a full menu and the return of double burgers and the menu is collaborative one featuring jalapenos, pickles, nuggets, burgers and yeah dirrty sauce.

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Jovan X Peter @ their Barrio x PLK popup at barrio cellar.

Pub Life Kitchen Barrio Chino Deus Popup (7)

Pub Life Kitchen Barrio Chino Deus Popup Menu

Spot the Sydney Burger King.

A look at the menu:
Snacks: Fries, Dirty Fries, Onion Rings, Chicken Nuggets, Jalapeno + Pickle Slaw
Burgers: Cheeseburger, Double Cheese, Fried Chicken. Vege. Bacon $4 Jalapeno $2.
There’s also the option to have your burgers Medium or Burnt (We chuckled)

Pub Life Kitchen Barrio Chino Deus Popup (8)
Deus Cafe looks like this. Its a nice warehousey type large volume space. Plenty of seating.

Pub Life Kitchen Barrio Chino Deus Popup (4)
A double Cheese burger (Double Beef Patty, American Cheese, Mcclure pickles, lettuce, tomato, dirty sauce) and  Fried Chicken Burger (Buttermilk chicken, green siracha mayo, lettuce, tomatoe, mcclure’s pickles). $16 + $14

Pub Life Kitchen Barrio Chino Deus Popup (3)
Pub Life Kitchen Barrio Chino Deus Popup (2)
Pub Life Kitchen Barrio Chino Deus Popup (6)
Get em Dirty Fries $7 (with cheese sauce and their tangy Dirrrty Sauce) Chicken Nuggets with Hot Sauce $12. They’re using some sort of spicy Koreany sauce.

One of the main takeaways we had from this burgcursion was that these were a bit of a bridge burger between both venues, what if PLK and Barrio had a baby? Well now you know. Sizable large burgers – both the double cheese and the chicken burgers are big big burgers with the chicken having a monster chicken patty that was crispy with hints of that PLK chook buttermilk burger in play. The salad(tomato lettuce)/american cheese combo that sits with the burgers made adding a brightness to the burger that we really appreciated. Beef burger was cooked a perfect medium, seasoned perfectly and pretty damn juicy (quite the mouthful too). It was nice to see double again what with PLK having a “no doubles” policy. From their sides menu, the dirty fries is awash with cheese and their house dirty sauce – making a fairly gen fare shoe strings delicious gooey and cheesy. Chicken Nuggets had that same buttermilk coating; using thigh meat and comes with spicy korean sauce and generous hunks of Mcclure pickles (they’re good gives a nice acid hit). Demolished the lot and waddled out of there.

Excellent Popup just on the corner of Missenden and Parramatta Road – #BarrioXPLK goes for 2 months. So if you’re in the area; craving burgers this is a new local and an easy fave haunt. How good? Pretty sure we’ll be back again in T-minus UBer.

Deus Cafe

98/102-104 Parramatta Road

Camperdown NSW 2050


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