Its not often we leave the inner sanctum of Sydney and its innerwest enclave but this occasion – we head out west to Bankstown and check in at Pho An. Pho An is widely considered as one of Sydney’re premier Pho joints and this was a random overcast day and you can see from the pics – its a full house and there’s queues out the door. They’re killing it! Its great eating pho and what you’ll get here is a ginormous bowl of Pho that appears under a minute after you order it. They have it piping hot and ready to go round the back. We’re not kidding. We ordered it. It appeared.
Pho An - Banks Town (1)

Pho An - Banks Town (2)
Yup, the resto’s large and its full.

Pho An - Banks Town (4)
Fresh and Generous mound of freshly washed Basil and beansprouts there. They don’t skimp.

Pho An - Banks Town (3)
A selection of condiments and yes, that sliced chilli is hot!

Pho An - Banks Town (5)
Pho An - Banks Town (6)
Top is a large bowl, bottom is the more regular sized bowl but they’re both largeish. You can just about make out the pinkness and these are great eating bowls of Pho.

Pho An - Banks Town (7)
Mate said this drink was yummy. I’d stick to the teas or waters or a can of coke. We’re not partial to beans in anything dessert-y.

Pho An - Banks Town (8)
And here’s the dish all piled up with the aromats and sprouts.

Pho An’s a buzzy good eat with a clean aromatic broth. We’ve heard complaints of too much MSG in it leading to dry mouths/thirstiness after but that really wasn’t our experience. It’s a premium Pho experience – the noodle is $14 but lets be honest, you’d pay that for a sandwich in the innerwest and dessert at a lot of places. Its far but we had a good enough time here and Bankstown was worth a walk around.
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  1. Gaby

    Wow, the place is massive! I’m tempted to check if its fame is well grounded but I’m too busy/lazy to go all the way there.