Pei Modern Sydney is housed in Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel and maybe its a play on the name – we’re not sure; but they’re doing a Pei Seasonable Dinner and we went to the February Dinner that was seafood focused and wonderful. Pei Loves Summer is a degustation styled dinner with plenty to eat – with a menu curated by Chef Mark Best and Head Chef Matt Germanchis. Lots of talking points this dinner with an interesting “Ham of the Sea”, that citrusy (oh wait, there’s no citrus here) mussell dish and that wonderful fig dessert. This was a great value seafood dinner that showcased the strength of Pei Modern’s cookery and food.

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A look a the menu for tonight. It’s going to be a lengthy dinner

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Pei Modern is packed for this dinner as the upper floor deck is packed with diners for the Pei Loves Summer dinner.

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Clyde River Rock and Pacific Oysters from (Ewan McAsh) made its round before dinner started and you these were deliciously fresh and paired wonderfully with the Brut Premier.

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A very light, creamy and pale Almond and Spanner Crab Gazpacho made for a great start to this dinner.

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Line Caught Mackerel that has been cured with cured pickled water melon rind there. Dish was called “Ham of the Sea” and it was rather interesting how yes, it did have a hammy quality. We debated this dish about as we wondered what the pickled veg was (Nashi/Papaya) but was quite surprised to hear it was watermelon Rind

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Salt Cod Croquettes followed by a Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi with Plum and Lemon. A contrasting duo of fish done two ways. Deep fried into croquettes and raw in Sashimi form.

PeiModern PeiLovesSummer-14

A well cooked Yellow-eye Mullet with Saltbush and burnt Onion. 

PeiModern PeiLovesSummer-16

Skull Island Tiger Prawns. These large wonderful creatures were grilled and simply presented and one of the highlight of this dinner. They didn’t really need to do more with it as the freshness, creaminess of the prawn shone. They’re large and yes, our table all went for the head of the prawn.

PeiModern PeiLovesSummer-17

Spring Bay Mussells, Jamon and Fermented Corn. Think we had it before when we visited Pei Modern the first time round but the fermented corn still surprised us giving the dish a citrusy note – you’d swear that was an orange or rind in it but that aromatic smell came from the corn. This was excellent and that broth in there is delicious to boot.

PeiModern PeiLovesSummer-22

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A large sharing plate of Wood-Roasted Palmers Island Mulloway arrives coated in wakame, beans and a creamy sauce. This came with sides of organic tomato, melon and dandelion (they love their dandelion at Pei Modern, we’ve had it prior). Nicely cooked fish that flaked away at the touch of a fork.

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A duo of desserts a Mango Sorbet, Ginger Sumac (so good) and a Meringue Fig and White Chocolate Dessert which just wowed. Really sophisticated and delicious that Meringue and White chocolate Dessert and one we’d happily head back in for. There’s a caramel sauce in there that paired well with the lightness of the dessert. Just an excellent dinner and what a way to close of this dinner.

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The crew at Pei Modern busting their chops for this dinner. It should be noted that we had a vegetarian diner and she received a matching Vegetarian dinner that included asparagus and zucchini flower courses – all presented wonderfully.

The Pei loves Summer Dinner was a wonderful dinner and both Mark Best and Matt Germanchis were present tonight for the dinner which was nice. We also got to meet the guys who supplied the seafood who talked about their produce. Pei loves Summer? We love Pei. Keep your eyes peeled for their Pei loves Autumn dinner. We can’t wait.


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