Peekaboo Bar, very much like its namesake is a bit of a hidey hole that lies hidden away on Bourke Street. On the street side, impressions are New Orleans-esque with their signage. Alongside Parsons’ this new small bar is cocktails, beevies and oodles of personality. With their big graphic wall featuring 80’s Hollywood stars gazing down on you as you imbibe the bevvies here, Peekaboo is tres charming. Its a compact affair with exposed walls, rafters and that nice tight small bar space feel.
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They did a great job on that mural – its effective and visually striking

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Peekaboo Bar is broken up into 3 main spaces, the front space with, the bar and the booth room. There’s plenty of nooks in which to hide away in.Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-3

Peekaboo Bar - Woolloomooloo-12

The Cheshire with gin, aperol, honey water capped with a mint & grapefruit granita.  This was an icey boozey treat perfect for summer.

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Boops Ride Martini with fresh watermelon juice, cognac and cointreau – A very summery light drink; the BRM served up in a Martini Glass was an easy drinking cocktail

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Slide into Peekaboo Bar and check out Woolloomooloo’s latest. Drink with Monroe, Dean, Boop and Hepburn; this ain’t Breakfast at Tiffany’s; its more the afterparty when she’s let her hair down.


Peekaboo Bar

120 Bourke St Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011

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