Osteria di Russo is one of the many fancier restaurants that seem to populate Enmore Road – really don’t think there’s very many 1 hatted joints along King Street so this Italian Joint is worth the trek up. We came as a party of 4 and had their menu of the day – which was a fixed cost chef’s selection of the day – we didn’t specific which of the dishes we picked. Think mini degustation with interesting, fantastic food. We dug Osteria – there’s something somewhat homey about the fitout and suprisingly, even with a full house, acoustics held up.


You can sit at the bar at Osteria  Рspace is intimate and quaint. Think Italian + Home.


We start with oysters with finger lime.


Kangeroo Loin Carpaccio, truffle Pecorino.


Chargrilled veal tongue, Bagna Cauda, pickled onions. Veal tongue was very smooth and tender.


Walnut Agnolotti had rich brown buttery notes and one of the sentiments that we’d echo with just about every dish, is that yes we wanted more.


Chicken Ballotine, Porcini dish was nice with a well formed ballotine with crispy skin.


Crostini of Monte Veronese, Quince, Pickled Pear, Pepper – we were informed that they picked the quince from their own tree.




Cheese plate¬† and Thyme Panacotta with Strawberries. The Thyme Panacotta dish is interesting and you’d be savouring each mouthful.

It should be noted that this is more impression based – as we didn’t really pay attention to the menu as we entered and pretty much everything we had tonight was wonderful – our quibble if any was that portions were just on the edge of slight and we kind of walked out a bit hungry (we did end up at Doughbox Diner). This was missing a more robust main – the chicken ballotine was not that substantial. Some of the dishes shown were shared 4 ways (crostini), most others were halved, meaning you only get a quite a small amount of food – and we kind of wonder how different it would be if dining as a duo/solo. This was $65/ph and that’s excluding the oysters and drinks. Would have happily paid that little bit more to walk out satiated. If like Pinbone, this offered a more food option at a higher price – we would jump to it. Hatted, Intelligent, refined Italian with A+ service. Highly Recommended. Just a tad more nosh please.
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  1. Shirley

    The restaurant is one of my favourite in Sydney: they’re always more than happy to cater to my vegetarian dietary requirements, the waitstaff are friendly, they have cool books (I got the bill clipped in “Modern Sex Life” published in the 1940’s LOL) and the food just gets better and better with each return visit.

    • TheJugernaut

      Yes, we forgot to photograph the menu – it’s a really interesting venue. Great food.