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Norsk Dor Sydney CBD (1)Norsk Dor is like many of the classic bars that make up sydney’s bar scene is a little bit hidden, and a lot need to know. Located at 70 Pitt Street in the cbd (corner pitt and hunter and opposite Mejico and Jamie’s Italian.) There’s no signage – you’ll spot the bouncer at the door and the imprint of the venue on the metal door there.

Norsk Dor is Scandinavian for “North Door” and the brainchild behind it is ex Uncle Mings,; Justin Best and his bar manager Stephen Byrne who are helming this new Nordic restaurant and bar. Entry into Norsk Dor is a surprise, you’d expect the venue to be housed behind the door but down you go and then across a surprise long corridor, which brings you to its gateway – there’s a fingerprint sensor that opened the door to the venue which both impressed and amused, we expect the door to be unlocked most times
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Inside, Norsk Dor is slickly furnished. There’s extensive use of yellow uplights which adds a warm feel to the venue but what will strike most as they look across the venue are the rows of chairs with fur coverings on them. Its different and these nordic influences add a certain mark of distinction. To the one side, their bar with two lots of living green walls – and yes, they are real; when the venue isn’t in operation – lamps are projected onto them and they’re kept alive and thriving. That and the burnished brick wall that makes up the bar makes it different to most. Appealing.
WIth a new Scanadanvian outlook, food at Norsk Dor has an abundance of seafood options – gravalax salmon, smoked skagen (prawn), smoked eel, langoustine, cured king fish. There’s a competent range of wines, cocktails and even 5 special beers designed to complement the food

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Nordic Style Breads, lard (goose) and butter ($8) Baked in house, Norsk Dor’s Bread platter comes with a selection including rye, crisp hard bread. The surprise highlight the richly savoury goose lard which was a joy to eat. Just tasty

Local Oyster/ CIder Sorbet/ Citrus $4 ea. House pickles and nuts.

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Gravalax, hard bread, roe, dill mustard $17
Bone Marrow, Akvakit, Rye $17
Smoked Skagen, King prawn, roe, toast and cress $19

From the entree selection; nothing is as familiar to most as scanadanvian as Salmon Gravlax and here, the dish is served with a crispy hard bread and a zingy dill mustard. The Norsk Dor bone marrow comes with a richly butter bone marrow, aromatic herbs (a mix of dill and baby herb) – their rye bread here is slightly different from the one from the bread selection; lighter to complement the marrow and herbs. As a palate cleanser, a lightly herbacious Akvakit with a light liqourishy note. Smoked Skagen, king prawn on prawn chunks on toast is a tasty dinner highlight, satisfying with a smokey lemon mayonaise that coats the prawns under the King Prawn.

Venison Sampler, root veg, fennel, berry and carrot $44

A rather substantial venison main comes with venison cooked 3 ways,  one a seared venison loin, a. pulled venison and a third sliced thin and savoury. On the plate, a carrot bavois, light and slightly sweet complementing the gamey venison – also there baby carrots, and a carrot pureee.
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Blue eye Cod, sea urchin, potato, cress $38

Blue eye cod comes with a briny salty sea urchin emulsion and the fish is cooked perfect and just lightly comes apart. Briny sea urchin sauce marries well with it. A treat

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Beet, Almond, goats cheese, malt and cardamon salad $27. For the vegeterians, Norsk Dor has a vegeterian option; a robust beet salad with a creamy goats cheese with hits of cardamon notes.

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Cocktails. Currently with a list of about 20 – Norsk Dor has both signature cocktails and also classics. Seasonal ingredients feature (Mango) as does that scandanvian twist with gommead and dill featuring. Also on their backbar, a great range of spirits for the sophisiticated barfly.

And oh, its deep underground but they’ve put some money into signal boosters so you’ll be able to get that all important internet/phone signals. Cool eh? Cross the threshold.

Norsk Dor
70 Pitt Street
Sydney 2000