What if Dexter’s laboratory; well, made Gelato. In a nutshell, this is the conceit that drives N2. And a good and fun one at that.

N2 Extreme Gelato at this time of writing/review (23rd/08/12)  is 18 days old. I’ve heard about N2 elsewhere and was drawn to the concept so I made my way down to Chinatown to find it. It is located at 1 DIXON street which is  nearer to the chinese garden/darlingquarter side of chinatown than haymarket.

The shop has a fairly moden look with black paint all over and modern tolix chairs inside (reprod?). What you’d notice right away at the entrance are the huge laboratory flashs full of liquid under the counter, the kitchenAID mixers that line the counter and the nitrogen tank to the side in the shop. When I arrived; the shop was just opening; and the guys had on “normal” clothes; then they went and got dressed in a lab coat and crazy googly glasses and completed the look. Quite amusing.

Process of making extreme gelato:

  • You pick one of the many flavours that they have on the wall.
  • They get the liquid mix out, pour it into the mixer
  • add liquid nitrogen

and in a little bit; you have a gelato.

There is a certain theatrical quality to the the N2 Extreme Gelato which is going to make this a really popular place to come grab an ice cream. This is going to be very popular.


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