Located under the Deutsche Bank Place, is Mordeo bistro and bar. Its a modern bistro and bar dishing out southern european cuisine, there’s panini and pasta to be had and also a custom “Mordeo” only white wolf beer which is very easy drinking. We attended their launch do and scouted out the digs

The signage for Mordeo is off to the side, you won’t catch it as much as you will the huge iconic lamp shades – them vino red shades.


Packed tonight for the media launch. Mordeo’s suppliers had table set up showcasing their products: jamon, coffee, vino. The floor to ceiling just there is about 15 meters.


The bar is manned by the lovely Sarah and has a pressed metal front.


Round the corner, there’s seating and a long styled padded lounge.


The main Mordeo space has scattered seating and a couple of long high tables. There’s ample space and it accomodated about 200 tonight.


Entertainer tonight played a Greek Bouzouki – Telly Andrew. The live music is here every Thursday Night so that’s the night to hit Mordeo.


Scott hanging out with Sydney’s Teddy Kim aka Psy Impersonator.


Not beer – whitewolf cream ale with compari, antica formula red vermouth and a blood orange foam. Its a “trick drink” cocktail. Quite nice we thought – We weren’t too engaged with it til we realised “oh, this ain’t a beer”.


Left: Jamon chargrilled pineapple sazerac Right: Cold Drip Spiced Rum  Old Fashioned. Both quite delicious but we’re quite partial to the single O and the rum. Was delicious.


Sarah made a old fashioned the regular way and it looks great.



Wicked BBQ lamb ribs with sticky delicious Pedro Ximenez.


Catalana –  A Spanish creme brulee. Quite nice.


Loukoumadis – lightly sugared and yummy


Great looking and tasting slow cooked octopus carpaccio.

La Boqueria who supplies Mordeo had a table here showcasing their chacuterie product.

An evening at Mordeo with the band playing, eats and drinks flowing makes for a very good night out. What surprised was the space – it was open and large but felt intimate and warm. The lamb ribs were pretty great as were the canapes that came through. And you really can’t go wrong with delicious european reds.


Mordeo’s website

Mordeo’s facebook