I think that’s the blurb done. They do it better than I ever will.

Located @ 105 Regent Street Redfern; Milk Bar is located right to the right of when you exit Redfern Station. The menu is burgers + milkshake + lots of milkbar sweets + softshell crab omelet. The venue is simply fitted out; plain walls with simple timber furniture. There’s a jukebox, a videogame table and a black wall to the side (I’m assuming some sort of chalk art should go up soon); artists who can draw should volunteer ;)


They also do game challenge periods/week on the video game machines in there and you can win prizes! Reasons to visit? Fo Sure. You’d want to beat Billy. Billly. Grr.


What really helps Milk Bar besides the concept; is that the food is great and that its a hop skip away from THEDOCKS + ARCADIA LIQOURS + the very sick Martian Embassy. So its worth the trek over as there are other venues nearby worth visiting after. Dinner at Milkbar then wander up for drinks? sounds good to me.



I had the CHUCK NORRIS; which was a super milkshake with pineapple flavours; passionfruit?. It came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. The Red Racer had rose water in it, and was a purple coloured taste sensation. Both were delicious; and the best thing about the order is that it came with the mixer; so your companion can actually have their own little sampler of yours.


The burger format at MilkBar consists of A) variety of burger types + B) Accompainments – in this instance A) cheeseburger + B) Aussie. so you had the egg.beetroot etc. $5+3

Good Burger, perfectly cooked so that the meat was still a tad pink in the middle. The relish/tomato wasn’t super sweet which is nice.


Their famed soft shell crab omellete was standout; with a fantastic topping that really coated and overwhelmed with intense sweet/salty/savoury flavours. The whole thing was sensation; soft egg, crunchy soft shell crab. Standout.

While we were there, Milk Bar constantly had people coming in, so there’s a sense that it is getting popular. Josh and Ai, wanted a fun change? Well, I think they managed it. It was americana doe well.

The Milk Bar also had lots of candy/sweets and they looked amazing. Josh said on twitter that you can get 6 of the wanky little candies for $20 now. More Pics to come as I’ll definitely be revisiting. Awesome place to eat.


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