Mary’s. One of the the most amazing thing about Mary’s is how they managed to find this gem of a location right in the middle of Newtown which was previously underutilised (some sort of STD clinic) and crafted it into a fantastic gastropub/barn dining hall. Located on Mary street just 15 seconds off King; where the NAB is. Most nights, there’s a queue to get in. Try to head in early and land yourself a table. It packs out around 7-8pm most evening.

Mary’s is quite fancy, really hot and a great place to come grab a drink – and its the venue that makes it. The old barny space is great albeit noisy, both from the patrons and the music. Expect a lively atmosphere – Rowdy, buzzy but be prepared to hollered as it gets late. Incredibly, its children friendly so you can actually bring your young ones in here for dinner. You can order takeaway of the excellent burgers – just ask the bouncer – he won’t let your party in but 1 person can get in to order. One of the hotspots in the innerwest.

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Marys 2015 is a temple to the boozo and burgers.

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We dig Marys. They’re some of the best burgers in Sydney and their Marys Burger is our go too. Doubled = delightful. Its a punchy tasty burger that’s oozy and delicious. We prefer the Marys burger for the freshness of the tomato and that salad. But their cheeseburgers are also pretty blood good.

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We accidentally a Mary’s portobello Mushroom burger.

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Fried Chicken and Mash. Also on the very limited Mary’s menu is fried chook and mash. We think their mash is the best you’ll get in town (Now also at LP meats more or less). Delicious and you’ll be pleased. That fried chicken is also belly pleasing with a nice tasty crusty. Slop it in the mash and its all just incredible. In fact, dunk your burger in that mash while you’re at it.

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New to their menu is an “ice cream sandwich” $5. We had this and it comes in somewhat toasted breadroll with peanuts and what tasted like salted caramel. Desserts at Mary’s. Ayyee.

Drink some young Henry’s cider with your  meal. We loved it and you’ll dig Marys.

Mary’s is noisy, dark and has great eating eats, drinks and then some. They’ve since adjusted their internal lighting so it’s a bit brighter. Really great burgers and killer mash.



Also open now. Mary’s CBD.


6 Mary St, Newtown, NSW
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6 Responses

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    I definitely need to hit up this place. I’ve heard much about their burgers, and mash potato! It is really dark – everyone has made it seem less dark so far. haha

  2. TheJugernaut

    Hey Tina, yeah, if you read the US reviews – a fair few echo the sentiment that it’s a dark venue.

  3. Carr

    Yknow I be been to this place a bunch of times and have usually had good experiences but something happened that just sent chills up my spine an made me angry. I was super excited to grab some fried chicken with an out if tine friend but was left embarrassed by the bouncer who told us it was packed it capacity. Well both my non white friend and my non white self were kind of bamboozled when the guys behind us got in, no hassles. Not cool at all!!! Why is this crap even happening in Newtown!! Def never going there again , it was a frustrating and really sad experience!!!

    • TheJugernaut

      Hello carr, I will forward ur comment to the guys at Mary’s. This shouldn’t be happening. I looked at your email and seeing how you’re a came from a Sydney uni account, doesn’t read like a troll comment

  4. Carr

    Thank you, it’s really appreciated. No definitely not trolling. I’ve been there many a times before and always had great experiences from the friendly staff; so this was kind of unexpected but it did happen and it did not feel very nice.

    • TheJugernaut

      Hello Carr, Jake from Marys will be in touch if your email is right. He is quite concerned. He has your email. We like Marys and have been often. It is probably an idiot bouncer.