Mary’s Newtown’s new joint in the CBD is now Open. Located at 154 Castlereagh, this is officially now the BEST place to grab a burger in the city. Opening to a raucous bit of cheering, Mary’s CBD jumps to life with fryers going and beef cooking. We had a double with bacon and we can’t wipe the grin of our faces. Its also nice to see Sindy’s (@sindysinn) artwork on the packaging. Takeaway only.

Marys CBD - 154 castlereagh (14)
The first 3 today. Mary’s CBD opens around 11.45am. The shops fairly nondescript but you’ll probably note the queues.

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Marys CBD - 154 castlereagh (13)
Its takeaway only so they’ll be scattering to HydePark or somewhere (ANZtower has a nice courtyard).

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Inside, its takeaway, no seats, cola is self service. It simply finished and doesn’t need to be more. Pricing’s just there. $10-$12.

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Marys CBD - 154 castlereagh (9)
Art work on the packing is by Sydney Artist @sindysinn. Love it.

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Got the combo ($15 for the burger+fries+cola) – they didn’t have the shake today (Shake combo $17). Mary’s Burger, Double Patty and bacon.

Gooey Cheese, umami, buttery soft bun. Beef was pink inside. Nailed it. Bam. This is business. We’ll be back soon for the other things on the menu. Worth it. Congrats on upping the CBD burger game guys.

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Marys CBD - castlereagh street CBD (1)
We checked back into Mary’s CBD after the new Christian Bale Moses Epic – Exodus and around 915pm, shop had no queue but there was a stream of people coming in – we finally get to look up and around the shop and we note Menuboards and sindy’s artwork on both sides. The light fixtures are also at the Newtown store.

Marys CBD - castlereagh street CBD (4)
Mary’s on the go.

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This time round, we came for the $12 chicken burger and it is an incredibly tender juicy and crunchy thigh fillet burger. Oodles of flavour. Melty cheese. Really great burger that was demolished in minutes and dripped goodness everywhere.

Marys CBD - castlereagh street CBD (2)
The Mary’s chicken burger with a beef patty $12+2  (you can just make up the beef). This is sinfully amazing and so good as well. #BestburgersintheCBD.

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    • TheJugernaut

      its more of a lunch crowd. Heard from Tony queues at lunch was crazy.Went last night. No queues. Bliss!