[Invite] For nearly a decade the Merivale Group have come together once a year to thank their friends and customers for a fantastic year with a celebration of what they do best – awesome food and drinks in an awesome venue. It might have bucketed at the start but this March into Merivale is one for the ages.
In years gone by, the March Into Merivale events have stretched over the course of the month, to showcase the talent behind their iconic venues but this year, Merivale decided to focus on throwing one heck of a party on one night only with lucky ticketholders scoring a literal food free-for-all from all areas of the complex!  If there was going to be a theme for the night – it would be to highlight the wonderful diversity in the group with each precinct in the Ivy complex transforming into a unique experiential zone filled with sights and sounds. Also here; all of their top chefs.
As you entered through Ash Street, the bustling crowd were channelled through a busy Asian Street Food Market headed by Dan Hong of Mr Wong and Ms G’s, their stalls laden with fresh seafood, dumplings, meat skewers and fried noodles (with its own soundtrack of sizzling woks and hawkers).  Up the stairs to Palings, the bar/restaurant was transformed into some kind of Australia vs Mexico Nacho Libre ring with two whole lambs rotating on a spit, trays of tasty quesadillas, Papi Chulo half burgers (because let’s face it, there was a lot of food circling around), perfectly cooked skewered prawns and spicy chicken wings.

Jordan Toft and Chris Hogarth’s BBQ Pit

Moving through to the Den, there was a very posh high tea setup with platters of various meringues, fairy floss, pina colada marshmallows and a divine range of doughnuts by Lorraine’s Patisserie washed down with 2006 Vintage Moet. Pushing on into the Ivy Ballroom, you were transported into a beautiful lush jungle with literally the biggest cheese table ever seen. Finally upstairs in the Pool Deck sat three extremely large paella pans simmering with fresh pipis. their juices soaked up by cubes of freshly cut sourdough. On the other side of the pool saw Jordan Toft supervising an asada with whole sides of pork belly roasting and crackling over an aromatic fire and accompanied by cups of patatas bravas with spicy aioli.

Warm Creme Catalan

hivas Regal and Yuzu slushie topped with blue coconut foam

So much to eat! So much to drink! Picks of the night – warm creme catalan fresh from the oven, its light crisp pastry holding a wobbly egg custard with a light brulee finish, the Chivas Regal and Yuzu slushie topped with blue coconut foam and those beautiful juicy pipis.

March into Merivale 2017

Palings Pat Kee Mao

Post by May Lawrence