Manjit’s at The Wharf Review

The best way we can describe Manjit’s at the Wharf is with a comparison. You know the Malaya just round the corner and how it does tremendously great Malaysian/Chinese food? Well, Manjit’s is like that but with Indian food. We popped in for lunch and they blew our expectations away with great service and terrific food. We expect it to become an institution like the Malaya over time and its makes us hankering for quality Indian.

Manjit's at The Wharf Review

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Housed on level 1 of an atypical King Street Wharf space, you enter to a space not dissimilar to others along the stretch – the fitout’s nice with comfy brown velvet lined chairs but its the waterfront views that draws your eye. Manjit’s quite a large restaurant with plenty of space here for events and they’re apparently quite popular with Indian weddings. The venue is designed for it and transitions into a function space as needed. Manjit is a classy affair, with it’s white table cloth. We hear that Manjit’s Balmain has been going for over 30 years and this foray then is a long time coming.

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Manjits King Street Wharf - Jugernauts (7)


A duo of Indian Beers – King Fisher and a Haywards 5000. These are easy drinking full flavoured beers and matches well with the spiced eats from Manjits.

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Shanabuk – Seasoned Hervey Bay scallops seared with fennel oil and served on a bed of lotus root and beetroot power ($21)

With an selection of spice powder on the plate, you’re meant to eat these by pulling the scallops (cooked perfect) through the spices and to then eat them.

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Pappadums with an array of sauces. They’re quite generous with the sauces here.

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Bharrah Kebab – lamb cutlets marinated in yoghurt, garlic, ginger, lemon juice and spices. (2 pieces $17)

Lamb Cutlets Indian style excellence. At once melt in your mouth tender with rich complex flavours.

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Fish Malai – marinated fish fillets roasted with four chutneys

With a slightly curious presentation (with the colours on the plate composing a look like an artist’s paint palette), this was a winner of a dish, terrifically tender roasted fish comes with an artsy dollop of chutneys. There’s some great flavours in the chutney with a highly spiced sauce you can coat the fish with.

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Kochin Bug Curry – balmain bugs, coconut milk, spices and green chillies $35

3/3 hits – Manjit’s Balmain bug curry is velvety, gorgeous with a delightfully luxuriant sauce. This is pretty much what you’d call a signature dish and well worth the money. One of the best things about Indian food is that with the curries; its often easily sharable and here the ample portions and curries make it easy to do so.

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And yes, there’s a giant naan bread the size of a grown man’s torso here.

Manjit’s at the Wharf is a terrific time. Considering the dearth of a quality Indian this side of time, Manjit’s price range and quality is angling itself just right for the office lunch crowd and even dinners. With shareable mains and banquet options available, we’re fans. Manjit’s is one that we hanker to get back to and one that makes us want to check out the OG Manjit’s in Balmain; apparently smaller and more intimate.

Manjits at the Wharf

King Street Wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Manjit’s at the Wharf

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