For a couple of weeks now, This popup shop’s called the Magnum Pleasure store has been set up on the ground floor of Westfields Sydney. I’d met Simon Leong of Simon’s Food Favourites for lunch that day and he wanted to check this out and I tagged along.¬† The featured image is our magnums ready for eating once fully realised by the Magnum Pleasure team. Its $7 bucks.


The Magnum Pleasure store is shaped like a big magnum ice-cream stick


This was day 1 or 2 of the event and a fair few of the westfield people are checking  out the install. Also, a few of the ingredients are MIA.


Bit of a queue happening. Its not as bad today as the stories I’ve heard.


Ingredients are nicely presented ready to be mixed up.


Pistachios, chocolate, macadamais, sea salt


When I went, a fair few of the ingredients weren’t available so they’ve been crossed out. If you go now, everything is there. 3 Simple enough steps.


The Magnum Pleasure team flaring the ingredients in a shaker. Its an amusing enough show and she was really friendly.

Not sure if site will embed the instagram video but link’s here: It showcases the dipping, and magnum making process.


So there you go, Mine’s the white chocolate version with sea salt, rose petals, pistachios and macadamias. They’re kind of sexy looking. A lot of people go ‘oooo’ when they see the above pic. The guy who made mine did take a bit of time to put the shaked up ingredients onto the white chocolate so the second I lifted it up, most of the “stuff fell into the little tray”. Would have been quite miffed if the tray wasn’t there to catch it all and I paid $7 for a normalesque magnum. Simon’s held up okay and you can see him holding it up on his blog.
Eating a custom magnum: I mushed mine into the tray and got coatings of the salt which I thought made it quite delicious. I normally wouldn’t do it but the salt tempered the sweetness quite nicely. The rose petals and pistachios also echoed the watermelon cake from chris the (blackstar). Probably the singular ingredient that does more to it

Worth Checking out. This is an experiential eat that elevates an aussie dessert staple into something more. I do wish they had crazier coating flavours that’s really pushed the boundaries. I’d loved a green coloured magnum or something – a bit of colouring in the white choc? A blue one. And also that they had side ingredients like poprocks so it crackles when you eat it. or little coloured stars or 100s+1000s so the thing just looks stupid cool. or crushed mint candy so its icy. I might try to see if I can replicate this in the jugernauts test kitchen sometime in the future. It is probably 1-2 dollars more expensive than it should be and a triumph in marketing. I’ve heard queues go for 45 minutes.


Simon’s writeup.

Westfields Sydney
Ground Floor

ongoing til the 25th of August.