[Invitational Review] Who is Luis Tan? Well, Luis Tan is a fusion restaurant/bar combo located in the campbell parade arcade and its a trendy, tasty goodtime with an interesting fusion of Venezuelan and japanese influences and a colourful fun vibe. It’s definitely a good reworking of the exisiting venue and the food? Tasty. The East meets West touches are deftly handled and what you’ll be tasting are some delicious bistro/eatery feed. Cocktail list is curated by Quynh Nguyen (China Diner) and features an extensive range of South American Rum, Pisco, Sake and Japanese Whisky.

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Goodbye Paperplanes/burger and brew. In their place is the spanking new Luis Tan. There’s large scalloped down lights there that intimately light up the venue (it gets dimmed down for night service/bar nights) and we quite like the fitout and how padded seat out front swirls around and forms a nook – and that same language in the fitout translates to the 3 booths round the back. It’s cosy, good looking and colourful with Japan and Peru featured in posters around the venue. The front bar is an appealing showcase with a great range on display. There’s cocktails both classics and ones with that Luis Tan twist.

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Starters: Mrs Tans’ Spiced Edamame $7.5 Plantain Crisps $7 Baked Sourdough with Leek, gruyere and smoked chiptole $17. These entree eats were tasty and we quite liked the spiced edamamae and the jazzying up of the simple beans made them tangy and endlessly edible. Plantain Crisps are a great version of these and you’d be dipping them into that accompanying spicy mayo. The baked sourdough had nice crispy bread on the side you used to soak up the tasty cheese leek mix. From plantains to edamame and then a baked cheese dish – find us another place that’d have all 3. The venue’s fusion roots are showing.

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Mains/Warm Dishes – Chargrilled Venzulean Chicken $15.50 Tomato Braised 270 grass fed Beef, chimichurri and black turtle bean $23 Pan fried boss prawns with garlic, chilli, ginger, wasabi butter green $22.50.

All three mains were delicious – we really fancied that beef dish – shared 4 ways there was plenty here to eat. These are high quality mains – both tasty and inviting to dive into. Beef was melt away, punchy full of flavours from their cook and an easy favourite. Similarly prawns were just cooked, juicy and the asian flavours made it a nice fresh eat. Chicken just grilled, smoky, splash of lemon. Yummy with that full bodied capsicum sauce.

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Ginger and lime pana cotta with pineapple granita, strawberries and mild chilli syrup $14 , Flourless chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, candied ginger and coconut ice cream $16 and home made churros with secret honey $12.50

We had all three of their desserts and we happy to report that you’ll be quite happy with any of them. Panna cotta had that perfect jiggle, chocolate cake was richly velvety; heavy on the cocoa and nicely paired with that coconut icecream (oh its not vanilla). Churros always a crowd pleaser and this came with 2 sauces – secret honey and chocolate. Satisfying.

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Pisco Sour, Negroni, Pisco Champagne, Tommy’s Margaritas, Luis old fashioned. With a great selection and large list of cocktails – Luis Tan is a compelling bar experience also.

Look for Luis Tan between Gould and Campbell Arcade – its rather fancy, really kind of cool and the food is banging. There’s plenty to like here and yes, Luis Tan is a good time run well with highly quality friendly service.

Luis Tan

Shop 15/178 Campbell parade Bondi Beach


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