The Lobo Plantation. Its quite rare that I walk into a venue and within minutes realise that I really effing dig it. Lobo Plantation is it. Like Uncle Ming on York, Lobo is a themed small bar. It focuses on what I’d call plantation glam and its got a hidden aspect to it and loads of colonialist touches which made it feel really special. I love it and this is why you need to visit asap.


So here’s the entry off that unassuming gate off Clarence street. Nearby is a long queue of punters waiting for the M30+whatnot to take them home to the northshore and their tellies. They have no idea this is here!


Down the stairs and its warmly lit and intimate and romantic with the furnishings and the greenery. I like the palette. Its effusive and sort of calming.


great looking space. They picked some rather fantastic pieces of furniture and the venue is just top notch. Big plantation art piece on the wall.


a look at their bar. Unlike some other small bars, light level is good and you can see easily.


They sourced a whole bunch of antique mint cases from shops around newtown – you get them from the bartender when they hand you the change. Its a nice touch but its a real pity people have been stealing them. These are expensive! A really fantastic touch. Want to leave them tips, leave it in the container and pass it back to the bar guys


How is it that people go to venues and their fashion match the decor. I’m looking at you woman in green!


Plantain Chips. Yummy yummy bar nibbles. Gratis.


We only dropped in for a beer and had this sierra Nevada Pale ale. Very good. $9.



Beautiful menu. I thought the one at the Botanist was pretty but this one knocked it outta the park.


Another look at the front seating area.

What can I say? LOBO PLANTATION has to be seen and experienced to be believed. I’ve been meaning to drop in having seen it in various writeups but nothing sort of prepared me for how finessed and wonderful the experience was. We might have just popped in for a quick drink (30 minutes to kill) but everything from presentation to service to bar nibbles were just good. There’s an intimacy and romanticism here which I don’t think other venues have – and I pub/small bar crawl a lot as evidenced by the “JUGERNAUTS” hitting the bars thing that this blog is about. A favourite. We didn’t have any food (in a hurry) but the punters at the next table had order some sort of samosay dish and it looked GREAT. I’m headed back next to try more of this. But from my short time here, I’m diggin it.

Go. Now.

Part II.

Returned this second time on the day after to check out LOBO more as we had such a good time before.

Rochdale Cider and an Anchor Steam Beer (I had the latter when I was in San Fran) … warm memories.


Communist Sour. Nice sweet drink with orange notes. Quite nice.


Simon Toohey¬† the bar guy burning a clove. Pic off someone’s phone? Guess what he was here the night before too!


The Billionaire Cocktail. Quite a nice cocktail – note the little bit of money underneath? It contains a tangy fruit roll up (think rhubarb/sour). Quite nice. You unroll it and eat it with the drink. Yum.


Andres Walters. He made us the communist Sour and the billionaire. I thought he looked familar and he was. Formerly at Grandma’s and with dreads, he’s now at Lobo sans the hair. Really good mixologist. Ahem.


Simon making a special. Nice strong drink. Not on the menu. I asked him for it.


4 of these with a guava sauce and a chilli sauce in the angostura bottle. Beef Cubano Paselitos. Quite nice but could have used a tad more filling.


Tamales. Polenta. Beans.Pork in a corn husk. Very creamy and nice.


L, *, R enjoying their night out at Lobo.

So this second time, we spent a good 2-3 hours in Lobo and it really is just top notch. Try to sit at the bar if you can wrangle it. Its great to banter with the bar guys, they keep the plantain chipss going and the food is rather good. Yup. A fav. Should add that everything about LOBO pushes presentation and style to a rather classyfinessed level and when you venture to the bathroom, you will see the same care applied in there. Lobo rocks.

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