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Located as described by an Instagram commenter “in the ruins of Jacks” (That’s 172 Missenden Road Newtown) is Sydney’s latest not-burger joint; Loaded by BL. The idea behind Loaded by BL is fairly simple if overwhelming on the first vist: Order a base dish (hamburger, sweet potato fries, onion rings, mac and cheese, fries, hotdogs, corn chips, tater tots) and then you proceed to load it up with various toppings to create a dish that’s to your taste and one that’s all your own. What you end up with then, are creations limited by your imagination and budget. Ordering the first time can be flummoxing and it’s best to sit down with a menu and go over what you wanna eat and create a list on the phone if you’re not quick to decide. On the Loaded by BL Menu board, there’s 70 different ingredients to pick from resulting in combinations in the millions.

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Loaded by BL is the brainchild of husband and wife team James and Sarah Robbins of Bar Luca/BL Burger fame and its a surprisingly addictive one. What you’re essentially getting is a Loaded ‘special of the week” every time you dine here making it an amusing and importantly delicious dining experience. What’s also really neat about Loaded is that the base cost of the basic dish is kept low – It’s $6 for a hamburger or hotdog and if that’s what you want to eat? That’s it – that’s the cost of your meal at Loaded. Of course, you’d want to amp it up a little – what with delicious challenger smallgoods like chorizo, snags and bacon on the menu with all the flavours on their menuboard calling to be tried.

Loaded by BL Gallery of Eats

Loaded by BL – Burger: Slow cooked lamb, smashed pattie burger, cheese sauce, gravy, salsa verde

Loaded by BL – Challenge Beef Hotdog, cheese pattie, bacon maple, jalapenos, cheese sauce, smashed beef pattie

Burger – Chorizos, tater tots, cheesesauce, gravy, pickles, smashed beef pattie, chilli.

Burger with smashed beef pattie, cheese patty, chorizo, BL burger sauce, sauerkraut and maple bacon

Burger – Double Beef, lettuce, cheese, aioli.

Loaded By BL

Loaded Fries: Fries, Corn Chips, cheese curds, peanut butter, popcorn chicken, crushed peanuts, kimchi, sriracha

Loaded Tater Tots – Popcorn Chicken, fried garlic, cheese, maple bacon, gravy

Loaded Sweet potato Fries with Jalapeno, cheesecurds, gravy, cheese kranksies, chili con carne, fried garlic.

Loaded by BL hot dog.

Loaded Hot Dog – Beef hot dog, cheese sauce, salsa verde, tomato salsa, chilli flakes

Across the Loaded by BL eats, one thing that you can be sure of is tastiness. BL burgers are timeout’s Fast food of the year 2017 (as voted by consumers) and its clear that the dynamic duo of Sarah and James have a deep understanding of what people want. This is good stuff and the mix and match nature of Loaded by BL means there’s always reasons to come back in for a bite. We can’t wait for someone to say “everything on the board” while throwing their black amex at the cashier. Check out their Instagram @loadedbyBL
Loaded by BL

172 Missenden Road, Newtown, Sydney, NSW
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