LL wine and Dine is located in the increasingly rejuvenated Llankelly Place – Jugs used to live down the hill Yellow in Potts point and this stretch used to be disused and not an area you’d really want to traffic down. Now it’s home to a lovely cafe and restaurant scene all the while being shielded from what is perceptibly the rough trade side of the Cross. LL Wine and Dine is a chinese restaurant and bar that dishes up really nice food (including we gotta say one of the best pork bun things we’ve had) and some interesting pan asian cocktails.

On the street side, LL wine and dined is alfresco and you sit under these red umbrellas. The colour scheme is red and blacks and the venue has chinoserie styled wall covering and looks suitably ritzy.

Calamari (black fungus and carrot salad and lemon gherkin aioli) – really quite a nice dish. Calamari was tender and not the usual deep fried highjinks. Creamy and delicious.

We had these 2 dumplings (prawn and scallop) that sat in a delicious tangy umami sauce. Its a good rendition of these that any decent yumcha place would be proud of.

Massamun curry crumbed lamb popcorn -(pickled chilli and cucumber yoghurt dipping sauce). Crunchy, hot, delicious. Loved this.

Presenting the best (?) pork bun we’ve had this side of NYC’s ssam bar. There’s something to said about these.  The Pork Belly Bun (pickled mustard, chilli ginger mayo, crushed peanuts and coriander) was a larger styled one compare to the tiny ones you’ll get just about every where so there’s a good value proposition here. There was something about this – the combination of all the ingredients on it made every bit really fantastic. Oodles of flavour and quite great. Get this.

Almond Crusted Prawns was nicely presented and tasted great with a nice sweet chili dipping sauce.


Crispy Pork Belly+Grilled Scallops (tamarind and palm sugar syrup, on a bed of baby buk choy and peanuts) and a simply prepared snapper in a soy reduction. Delicious.

Chee Chee Mule (lychees, limes and a dash of cinnamon shaken with vodka, dumped and topped with ginger beer),  Ecstasy (fresh watermelon and coriander root muddled with vanilla and chilli infused vodka), (L) Big Trouble in Little China (a chilled vodka martini with fresh lemon, coriander, vanilla and pineapple)  (R) Chilli Coconut Martinis (Chilli infused vodka shaken with coconut syrup and shredded coconut). We had a few cocktails at LL wine and Dine. At $16/pop – these were a well priced lot and you really can’t go wrong when there’s lychees in them. They’re also serious about their chilli flavour with a bit of kick.
LL Wine and Dine was really an enjoyable dinner destination with delicious chinese food that managed to hold it owns to a lot of the more traditional places we’ve been to. We absolutely loved that pork bun and whenever the subject comes up; that gets the mention as one of the bests we’ve had in Sydney. Its good eating and drinking down at  LL Wine and Dine. Well worth your time to pop in. Don’t forget about their yumcha on the weekends either.
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