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Who doesn’t love Spice Alley in Kensington Street? The GreenCliff developed precinct is one of the biggest surprise for us in 2015 – a cheap eats hub that opened in Chippendale with plenty of delicious $10 eats. Smashing great value and its one that we head back to often; its the combination of open air, street market vibes from Asia that Spice Alley has tried to replicate and has succeeded in doing rather well. These are the factors that make it one of Sydney siders favourite local haunts. Wallet friendliness also a huge plus. Now open is Kyoto – a Ramen joint in Spice Alley adding diversity to the Singaporean/Malaysian/HongKong/Thai eats here.

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Sayuri. Tonight, the lights in the Hanamachi all burn for you” – Arthur Golden. Finally now the geishas have a place to call home.

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A quick look at the Kyoto Menu. Like most of Spice Alley. Eats are cheap with $10 Ramens in abundance. Pricest menu items? Eel Don and their Salmon Dons. $17-18.

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From their Main Menu we opted for a Chicken Teriyaki Don, A Miso Ramen and a Spicy Tonkotsu Don. $11, $10, $10. These prices? Ippudo Central Park should watch out. Outside of the Tonkotsu which was a lot less of a porky brothy (it reminds us of TenkoMori’s Tonkotsu soup – very light). Outside of this quibble, these all ate great and the price point is a winner. Onsen Eggs it should be noted are #onpoint.

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Kyoto’s Okonomomiyaki Seafood and Takoyaki Balls $12 and $5.80. Comes with waves of shaved bonito that dances from the heat. They’re both really quite nice; freshly made and tasty. Can’t quibble with their prices either.

It’s a funny thing to trumpet repeatedly the price point of eats at Spice Alley in Kensington Street but it is this combination of price and quality of eats that makes it. Truly one of the best things about Spice Alley is this abundance of shareable cheap eats – Now you can add Japanese to the mix.  やった.

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