This review is part of the Food Safari at Harbourside that we were invited to dine as Guests at – the food safari takes us through Italian, Seafood, Moroccan and more. This is Moroccan dining at Harbourside.

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Moroccan Dining and a Taste of Arabia

A warm glow emanates from within Harbourside Shopping Centre. We approach and are greeted by Moroccan patterns, intricate light fixtures and bulbous water jugs. Men are leisurely communing over hookahs on the patio, immediately transporting us into a more ‘loosened’ state of mind. They look like they’ve been sitting there for hours but who can blame them—the view of the CBD high-rises across the water is spectacular.

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The Royal Dinner Feast ($65 pp) kicks off in scrumptious bite-sized style with a few starters to whet our appetites.

Rolls of spicy lamb mince and pine nuts with tzatziki alongside fried cauliflower with yoghurt tahini sauce. Both were so crispy and delicious we could have picked at these two alone all night and would have been very happy campers.

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The crown jewel of the feast, the Casablanca Royale Tagine. 12-hrs of braised lamb shoulder stewed with loads of succulent veggies makes this dish heaven in a tagine. Descriptions such as ‘melt in your mouth’ and ‘fall off the bone’ are typically reserved for BBQ but this is quite literally the sultan’s jam.

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Lemon baharat chicken shish kebab, mixed nut pilaf, caraway capsicum crème fraîche, parsley pesto sauce. Delivered to the table on massive skewers and raised up on a bed of fluffy rice, this dish is kebab at its finest. Pure glory.

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Roast duck surrounded by crunchy falafel. Slow-cooked in its own juices to lock in the flavour, making it a feast for the hungry soul as well as the greedy eyes.

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In Royal Dinner Feast fashion, the meal ends enthusiastically with a bang. The Kazbah Bomb (Turkish delight ice cream, blueberries, kurant vodka) finishes off the feast on a refreshing high note.

$65 nets you a sit down Moroccan Feast At Kazbah Darling Harbour. Kazbah is part of a group of Moroccan Restaurants with venues dotting NSW.

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  1. Gourmet Getaways

    Wow, what a feast! We love tzatziki and tahini!! And that Kazbah Bomb steals the show!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx