Merivale’s latest J&M whisky bar opened last night (11th November 2015) on level 2 of historic Angel Hotel. There’s a Chivas spotlight when we visit and the first page of the cocktail list highlight Chivas 18 cocktails. J&M is also a tribute to the late Mr. John Hemmes and their multi-level fashion outlet House of Merivale that was once housed at the historic Angel Place hotel. Entry is round the side on angel place – look for the bouncer and be prepared to climb some serious stairs on your way up to J&M. Once past its threshold, you’ll arrive in a richly sumptous bar that oozes luxuriant 70’s style.

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (5)

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (4)

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (10)

The look and feel of J&M is warm, intimate and has that aged feel with worn mirrors. There’s rich green velvets, sleek brown leathers and copper accents around the venue. Also here; luxurious chesterfield sofas and a long glass bar where we sat. Adding to the warm, the use of incandescent lights. Not spotted, their specially imported drinks trolley ‘The Sidecar’ (Moore & Giles and esteemed barman Jim Meehan) that brings you your drinks. Atmosphere here is a subdued coolness with appropo light levels for a night on the couch having great drinks with good company.

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (2)

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (1)

It’s a whisky bar alright. Chivas Regal showcases; but plenty of other whisky brands sit in their display.

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Maybe because it’s new but its not as high volume as Palmer and co. The vibe is laid back and we recommend sitting at the bar.

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (9)

A Life Less Ordinary ($22) Chivas Regal 18yo, Aperol, apricot and saffron syrup, bitters, Pernod Absinthe, atomised peated whisky. This cocktail is a velvety and rich one and that peg brings with it a little message (no spoilers). Very nice with the atomised peated whisky a nice finisher to add that aromatic note to the drink.

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (7)

Highland Island Cooler $22 Chivas Regal 18yo, pineapple and rhubarb shrub, fresh pineapple, young coconut water, citric solution. An easy drinking goodtime cocktail. This was the ladie’s pick on their menu. Coconut water and fresh pineapple gave it a nice summery note.

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar (8)

Blood and Marie ($22) – Chivas Regal 18yo, Cynar, Cherry Heering, Antica Formula, pink grapefruit and cherry dust. A nice sipping cocktail with chivas and tasty fruity notes.

John Merivale jandM J M Whisky Bar

John Merivale. You’ll spot pictures of John around the venue.

J&M is an appealing sibling bar to Merivale’s Palmer and Co and like it is polished and has a wonderful vibe in here with a beautiful 70s soundtrack . There’s an effusive intimate quality to the bar that whisky aficinados will love; blended scotches, irish peatiness and plenty of single malt. Also here, light snacks and classic cocktails. Service is immaculate. Visit a 1 Angel Place.