On the 27th of July, Jacob’s Creek hosted their Longest Reserve Table event (hosted by Pete Evans, Jacob Creek’s Australian brand ambassador) at the Australian National Maritime Musuem. It was an amazing day out, the perfect Sydney winter (brisk but gloriously sunny), great wines, company and food. The event was held on the upper deck on the new addition to the ANMM and saw over 500 guests dine with Jacob’s Creek. There was a slight change of venue from the welcome wall around the corner but this venue was quite fantastic.


500+ guests. Bit of a queue happening. What does 500 guests look like?


And here is all, beautiful darling harbour, and a lots of diners. You can just make out the HMAS endeavour in the distance. Quite a lovely venue.

Pete Evans being filmed for the show. That seems to be done on some sort of DSLR. Interesting behinds the scene shot there.


A glimpse of the menu and  the really lovely chardonnay from Jacob’s Creek.

Jacob’s Creeks Cabernet Sauvignon and their lovely chardonnay.  This afternoon we got to experience a range of their wines: a 2012 Riesling | the Barossa, a 2012 Chardonnay | Adelaide Hills and a 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon | Coonawarra.



Our lovely dining companions. Stranger at the start of the lunch but the afternoon was quite lovely and we got to know them a lot better over the 3 hours.


Antipasto Platter


spaghetti and meatballs.


couscous and chicken tajine. Middle eastern.


Butter Chicken. Indian


Some sort of ratatouille.

There was actually a greater selection of dishes (we saw some sort of goulash) but the format for the lunch meant that these were the ones we got to sample but it was a lot of food.


dessert consisting mini macarons, cherry tarts and mini tiramisu.

Watch their video of the event. I’m actually in the video somewhere. A lovely afternoon, it was great to see Pete Evans again, and to engage in a lovely long lunch, with great company, excellent wine and food.





@PeteEvansChef  Pete Evans

@JacobsCreekAU Jacobs Creek

@insidecuisine Rebecca Varidel

Special thanks to Rebecca from Inside Cuisine for the invite.