Located near the Museum of Sydney is Bar Luca. Bar Luca has been around for a while and the look and feel of the venue is very much circa 2011 (when they last refurbished). We’ve heard about their rather amazing burgers and Bar Luca’s been increasingly getting solid word of mouth. It was their pretty incredible Hamburger Day 2015 offer that drove us into Bar Luca. We’re here today for burgers (and beer) and yes – the team here delivered; dishing up some incredible beefy goodness.

Bar Luca Sydney CBD (4)Bar Luca Sydney CBD (11)Bar Luca Sydney CBD (6)

A look across Bar Luca. It’s a bistro pub sort of venue and the space is long and lineal with seats outside, booths and a long bar there. It looks sort of hazy outside and that’s because Bar Luca did amazing trade this Hamburger day and their exhaust was working overtime. Heaps of burgers flying out the door.

Bar Luca Sydney CBD (8)

Wagyu Beef Burger, extra baconx2, extra patty, extra cheese x2

Bar Luca Sydney CBD (1)

New to the Bar Luca menu is their now permanent “Blame Canada” Burger. Stock standard, you’ll get the regular single patty, cheese, curds, fries (poutine) – the hamburger version has an extra patty, chicken patty, bacon and cheese. This was ours and it’s pretty OTT. All the burgers we had today were OTT.

Bar Luca Sydney CBD (5)

Bar Luca Sydney CBD (7)

Um. No. Their Blame Canada with 5x extra beef patty for a 6 patty monster burg. We don’t recommend it. Yikes!

All the burgers todays are pretty much HamburgerDayed with copious 5 extra free toppings. From the burger that we had, one of the things we noted was the rather generously sized patties. You’ll be happy with a single patty and we thought that the burger we had was a pretty bang on burger. Juicy, medium, great flavours. Let’s be honest here, they’re all ridiculous today but we had a great time here smashing these babies.

Bar Luca Sydney CBD (6) Bar Luca Sydney CBD (10) Bar Luca Sydney CBD (9)

The admin team from the hamburger loving facebook group FBAS in the house checking out Bar Luca’s Hamburger Day offerings. And yup, all of these burgers were supersized. These guys are burger smashers.

What can we say, the burger we ate was OTT and ridiculous so its probably a good thing the free topping offer was only the one day of the year. We’re very excited by this. Its the best sorta burgers you can get at this end of town. Delicious. Grab a beer, sink into a booth and chow down. We can’t wait to return. Bar Luca’s entering our “Best Burgers in Sydney” Master list. You can really just blame the “blame canada”.


Bar Luca

52 Phillip Street, CBD, Sydney 2000
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  1. Gaby

    Yeah, maybe 6 patties is a bit over the top but the regular burgers do look awesome.