2 popups down at Civilian Bar and Kitchen, James (aka known as Jimmys Burger) from Melbourne to his army of instagram followers is finally ready to showcase his vision of a rocking bar/burger institution for Sydney. Taking over from Civilian, Guilty Sydney takes shape with a somewhat handsome bar kitchen. There’s ample seating under the apartments along Palmer Street Darlinghurst. It’s a grey, gold and black affair. Modern with contemporary touches – the long concrete tables, black white tiles and “guilty criminals” pasteups which amused.

“We modelled it on the things we love from our favourite Sydney venues with a touch of Melbourne added to the mix, and of course Melbourne Bitter” James

Guilty Darlinghurst (6)

gotta be honest, seeing schapelle corby? We laughed.

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Look closer at the taps here at Guilty and you’ll note that they’re gavels. Also, Guilty is the first venue in Sydney with Melbourne Bitter on Tap which they’re quite proud of.

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At the core of Guilty is the bar. It’s a sort of mix use sorta venue. Bar/Restaurant with al fresco seating on the outside.

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A Guilty Daiquiri. Menu folder showcases a justice logo and in one hand scales, in the other hand, she’s balancing beers and burgers. Cocktail menu is developing and should be an interesting one. We’re keeping our eyes peeled.

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We always end up with the burgers but Guilty also has several hotdogs and a reuben on the menu.

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Rowdy Double Jeopardy.

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Guilty’s $10 Keckburger is their house cheeseburger. A classicly pretty cheeseburger, yes with the salady bits in there. Seasoned well, cooked medium. Its as good as it’ll get. We’d love to return and get this as a double. The Guilty¬†Rowdy Double Jeopardy¬†is sydney’s version of Easey’s Rowdy Double. A tasty no salad, meat cheese, bacon and jalapeno number. Both burgers sit in soft potato buns baked in Sydney.

Guilty Darlinghurst (7)

Tots to Life

Tater tots covered in cheese sauce, bacon and caramelised onion is a winning side. With crispy golden potato nuggets and an oozy cheese sauce, this will have you fighting with your mates over them.

Guilty Darlinghurst (11)

Guilty Banana Split

Guilty Darlinghurst (1)

A very Americana Pop Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich

The duo of dessert on the Guilty menu are distinctive Americana; an easy, simple and tasty classic banana split without any of that social media insanity and a delicious Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich.

Balance the scales of justice. Guilty/Not Guilty

Guilty Darlinghurst by Jimmys Burgers

105/46-50 Burton Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW

Hours: 11am-late

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  1. John Pederson

    A picture of Schapelle Corby: who is proven to be innocent by the way (www.expendable.tv), not that the gutter media of Australia report it. This is the sort of low despicable indirect character assassination I would expect from the low end of the social barrel. It helps perpetuate her suffering. This is one place I definitely won’t be eating at. Revolting.