Great Aunty Three is located along enmore Road and it is right across the road from Enmore theatre. Kind of hard to miss if that’s the basic instructions on how to get there. When I visited, there were super tiny seats out front (cute) and a red scooter. Inside, there is a sort of lounge set you can sit at but at a glance and quick tally, this place might be able to sit 20 max?

The shop is newly fitted out and has a somewhat “we’re trying” look that’s not quite a 100% there yet but what is here is appealing. The sriracha and various other sauces sit proudly on the counter end (one had a $4.50 price tag and I wanted to buy one; alas not for sale). There is a coffee machine, a water container to the side flavoured with lemon.  I think the basket of bread could possibly be moved away to reduce the sense of clutter.



I want that bottle of hot sauce. so damn good


Didn’t get one. I wonder what this is like.


sauces, fresh bread, banh mi ingredients


Rice paper Rolls. 3 for $6.80. pretty good value. Vegan, Duck, Prawn. The fruits below they use to make these ice blended smoothies. Jackfruit?? Hmmm


Logo/sticker. They’ve gone the extra step to get these made to brand their packaging.


2 duck rolls 1 prawn roll and a …

Banh Mi with caramelised pork.
The ricepaper rolls were all very good to eat and the dipping sauce was sweet/savoury with a nice kick. $6.80? A bargain.

The Banh Mi had sriricha in it, was flavoursome and drippy and moreish. Their version of the roll had sunflower seeds which gave it an interesting crunch when you got to it.


These guys have been open a month and I’ve heard that they do PHO on the weekend.Well, they just told me that Pho is now on the menu so they’re selling it if you want it. Notice how I said it felt disorganised just a little, The menu was clear and should sit behind the guys at the counter. My 2 cents. Great new addition to enmore/newtown. I’ll be back. The food’s good.


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