We’re crazy about Gelato Messina (but then again who isn’t?) – We kinda demolished every single one of their sundaes at the last vivid event and they’ve caught on that there’s serious demand – and now you have; Messina Dessert Bar. About $10, you get some sorta whacko Messina Soft serve with bits and bobs of deliciousness. They’ve got great softserve game and are currently showing everyone else; why they’re the leaders in the pack. Concurrent to this review was 2014’s NightNoodle Markets – so we’re going to plonk a pic of their treats at end. They’re also great. Messina brings their joy around town.

Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (3)
The creative lab is still there; but Messina Dessert Bar is now front and center at the victoria street shop.

Enter the store and you’ll see a fairyflosser (L), popcorn machine and a candy station. This is the dessert bar.

Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (4)
We’ve only ordered from this suggestive sundae list ever and everything we’ve eaten has been delicious.

Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (5)
You can however make your own and this is what you’re looking at.

Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (7)
Sugary magical bits.

Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (10)
Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (9)
Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (8)
Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (1)
There isn’t very much value describing each item on the Messina Dessert Bar venue but know this. They were all incredible in their own way and tasted delightful. Anytime Anyday. This is Messina knocking the softserve market on the side and doing a homerun. The cup serves are largeish and good for 2. Deliciousness!

Messina Night Noodle Market
We hit 2014’s Night Noodle Markets for a few things and we had these 3 out of the 4 desserts they had here. $9 each with a giant cookie. You won’t see them again but suffice to say, they brought their funky flavours and cute names – Phuc King Delicious to the table. We loved it.

Deliciousness beckons.


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4 Responses

  1. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid

    Oh my word! This looks amazeballs. Messina have taken gelato heaven to a whole new level. What I want to know is, if you only got one visit and could only pick one dessert, what would you choose?!

  2. milkteaxx

    i really enjoyed the nutty professor although a tad too sweet. I wasn’t too keen on the choux puff though, mine was all soggy :(

  3. Bianca@forfoodssake

    Call me boring but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to Messina. I likes my weird flavours in a cup without the frou frou. Hopefully the Dessert bar will mean the Slurry store isn’t as busy.