Gelato Franco located at 281 Marrickville Road like Ciccone and Sons has spawned out of the change over of ownership at Bar Italia in Leichhardt. It’s a little bit more polished looking than Ciconne with a more premo fit out, marble counter tops and a much more contemporary commercial gelato cabinet here. Its appearance in Marrickville points to the gradual gentrification of the area – there’s also Pagoto Gelato (greek gelato) in the area. It’d be hard to imagine a non-froyo joint popping up in Marricville circa 2010 – but we’ll take Gelato over Froyo anyday.

Pop in and get into the gelato here which takes you back to Italia’s Gelato – creamy and milky on the palate and very good sorbets.

Gelato Franco Marrickville (11)

Gelato Franco Marrickville (10)

Gelato Franco Marrickville (9)

It’s somewhat amusing that Gelato Franco sits under the signage of Van Long Supermarket so go looking for that. The shop’s a good looking affair with a green panelised wall to the one side where the tables are. And the front counter and tables where you’ll sit is a dappled white marble which makes it feel somewhat premium.  You’ll also note that the gelato cabinet is larger but the volume of gelato being produced here is very much small batch with what’s being on display currently sitting at about 5 litres. There isn’t currently large takeaway 500ml or 1 litre tubs but you can imagine that selection going fast should the option become available later.

Gelato Franco Marrickville (5)

Gelato Franco Marrickville (8)

Very reasonably priced, the gelato here starts from $4 and goes to $8 for a rather large 3 scooper. Flavours in the cabinet are diverse with a mango sorbet, lemon sorbet and coconut sorbet breaking up the gelato range which sits firmly in the traditional flavours – with flavours like coffee, chocolate, pistachio, tolberone are all represented here.

Gelato Franco Marrickville (4)

Mango Gelato in a cone. $4.

Gelato Franco Marrickville (3)

Pistachio and Coconut Sorbet. We opted for the more traditional eat in cup (if you’ve been to Bar Italia – they do use these as well).

Gelato Franco Marrickville (1)

A fairly large triple scooper featuring Donatella, Lemon Sorbet and their coconut. $8

Gelato Franco Marrickville (6)

Panacotta and their banana Gelato $6. Both quite nice – banana gelato tasted a lot like banana bread. That’s a good thing.

Gelato Franco Marrickville (2)


Gelato Franco is a nice new addition to the area. The flavours and range made for compelling reasons to visit. As an aside, this is a hop skip away from Marrickville Pork Rolls and a few asian eateries which would make this a nice bit of weekend foodie hop.

Gelato Franco
281 Marrickville Road, Marrickville

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    Long time reader but come on, edit your posts. Your grammar is all over the place and lots of things don’t even make sense (it’s as if you are missing words here and there). And “Gelato Franco is a nice new edition to the area…”? Come on.