Westfields Eastgarden has a new dining precinct round the back called Food on Banks (Banks Avenue) and it now plays host to 6 different restaurants: San Churruo Chocolateria, Kingston & Co, Bondi Pizza, Ribs & Burgers, Sedap and Langsuan (the latter were both previously reviewed here). The selection of cuisines at the precinct ranges from asian to western and south american with the sweet eats. We dropped in twice, once for the launch, and the second time time for eats.


The lovely Kate Gibbs running down the new precinct. Its all brand new and open now.


Sedap does great tasting malaysian at reasonable prices (see main review)


Patrons dining at Sedap. Psst this second visit? I had friends visiting the precinct and they loved that this was here. They’re in this pic.


Seafood – an asian styled pipi clam in spicy sauce at Sedap.


Ribs and Burgers is in the middle of the precinct dishing up well, Ribs and Burgers.


Scrumptious Ribs at Ribs & Burgers. Delicious.


Burgers at Ribs & Burgers You can get sliders.


Burger selection at Ribs & Burgers. Beed, chicken. Yum.


Patrons at Ribs and Burgers having a good time.


Kingston and Co does restaurant styled mains.


The space at Kingston and Co wraps around and has an eclectic range of furnishings


This is the Kingston and Co, grilled ocean trout with pearl couscous.


(Kingston & Co) Spaghetti Ragu


Ample seating at Langsuan and the barrel seats they have in the city are also here.


Lang Suan’s village styled nook/seating


delicious shrimps and squid cooked on the grill at Lang Suan


The Kee Mao dish at Lang Suan is delicious


Fish, squid and prawns on the Langsuan Grill. Note how the prawns have been devined.


Bondi Pizza is the largest venue here with a nicely kitted out space with dark colours and turquoise chairs.


Bondi Pizza looks great. Very large venue and loads of seating


Bondi Pizza has an outside area which you almost can’t tell is outside but it is.


Prawn and Chorizo Pizza at Bondi pizza was great. Really nice eating and the service was excellent (I spilled my drink and they were so nice about the cleanup and replacement).


Round the back, San Churros is the last or first stall you’ll see.


San Churros here has ice cream.


Macarons and more at San Churro Westfield East Gardens


San Churros – churros. Always good!


San Churros monster macaron/ice cream sandwich is indulgent.


You can opt to get a pot of chocolate sauce (extra) to drizzle over. Its pretty decadent.

Like Westfields Sydney before it with the fantastic food selection available on Lvl5, Food on Banks brings to the Westfield EastGardens a selection of really nice food options to the precinct. Open late, the ability to drive in, park in the area and eat from one of the many restaurants here is great for shoppers and people craving something food like Ribs in the area (without having to drive to a Hurricanes) is quite nice.. We dig San Churruo here at Jugernauts and have often lamented our nearest is in Glebe. Hungry? Check into the new Food on Banks Precinct. You won’t leave hungry.

Courtesy of Liquid Ideas and also a paid visit.
Sedap on UrbanspoonLang Suan Thai Street Food on UrbanspoonBondi Pizza on UrbanspoonKingston & Co on UrbanspoonChocolateria San Churro on UrbanspoonRibs & Burgers on Urbanspoon