El Loco is Merivale’s attempt at a Mexican Cantina and its quite easily one of the most fun dining experiences you will have in the city. Located at 64 Foveaux St, El Loco adjoins the exclesior pub and is a full fledged cantina style venue. Besides, magartias, tequila, you can get mexican beers and standard bar drinks. What is particularly stand out about the menu at El Loco is that its cheap eats at $5 for the tacos and $9 for the hotdogs. There is also some sort of tortilla chip salad with tonnes of cheese and weird asian sweet tofu (which I don’t like). Still, go for the tacos and the hotdog

Hot Dog – they do a pretty great hot dog at el loco – its $9, theres some sort of cheese and there’s jalapeno chili’s in it. Quite good to eat and the damn thing is big enough to share.


cute massive sign they give you when you order.


counter where you can booze up

Tacos Tacos Tacos. El Loco’s signature dish if you can call it that is that variety of tacos they serve – there’s a variety too: chicken, prawn, beef, pork and the 2 specials of the day. The special taco and the secret taco – which is alway some sort of mysterious meat/offal – think chicken liver/hearts etc. I actually quite dig the chicken heart one. Its offally good.

What makes El Loco a great fun place to eat is that as the evening gets later; the music gets cranking and you’d be somewhat inerbriated – you’d be ammendable to dancing to the 80s tunes they play then. I want to dance with somebody who loves me…
Thought I’d also add that there’s an El Loco club you can join. I’ve yet to do so myself. That’s 1. The other thing to note is that EL Loco does a Taco Challenge; they did one earlier this year and Justin Hemmes was at the venue. I didn’t do it but will participate during the next one. So, yeah, El Loco is fun

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