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Like some in the Sydney foodscene, these up and comers that grew from their market roots (see Brooklyn Boy Bagels, Belly Bao), Eat Fuh (Pho) started life in the weekend markets around Sydney. Leaving the confines of a 3×3 tent, Eat Fuh Marrickville is a clever use of space and some smart design choices making it a slickly modern looking Vietnamese eatery. Here you can expect a pho broth that is aromatic with a slight sweetness to the broth. It’s a hearty broth that goes down quite well in the cooler months. Also available, other classic Vietnamese eats like springrolls and rice dishes. And it should be noted; Vegan options.

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Fully Glazed with nary a signage on the shopfron adds a contemporary look and feel to Eat Fuh which makes it stand out along the illawarrah road stretch where this sits

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The front of the restaurant just about hints at the layout of the space prior. The laneway/corridor to the side, holds seats. To the front, their big stock pot is celebrated and visible behind a glass enclosure.

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Claustrophobes should be warned. Seating inside is a rather tight affair with very communal seating; long and lean and they packed the seating in. Condiments, lemon and sriracha are available in baby sky blue movable ikea trolly that just about nestles between their seats.

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The Eat Fuh Menu

Dishes are about $15, entrees $10 and there’s even Vegan Options here for their Phos. Chicken Rice and and a Creme Brulee rounds up the menu.

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Hue Style Noodle Soup

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Large Fuh Noodle Soup with all the bits.

Served Pipping Hot; The Vietnamese noodle soup dishes at Eat Fuh were tasty and delicious with an abundance of aromatic greens. The large serve is also rather generous with plenty in there to get into. Their Hue Style Dish was aromatic with a tangy savoury lemongrass broth while the Fuh delivers with an abundance of aromatic basil and their light tasty soup.

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274 Illawarra Road, Marrickville, Sydney, NSW

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  1. Gaby

    I might have tried their beef Pho in the Marrickville markets a while ago, good to know they have a permanent shop.

    • TheJugernaut

      you checked it out? It’s a great shop. Go quite a bit.