Do Dee Paidang Chinatown

Located in Chinatown is the second Do Dee Paidang – the first is in Bondi. We’ve heard stories of their legendary super spicy 1,3,5,7 spiced noodle dish and this lunch visit was dedicated to the no 7. We also had a couple of eats from their lunch menu. This rather packed and popular Thai Noodle Bar and Cafe is a hit with a locals and from a glance at the crow, popular with the thai crowd.

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Do Dee Paidang was punched this lunchtime visit.

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The red white blue colours of the thai flag are the central colours in the space here.

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The menu is a large laminated graphics+menu + dish A2 sheet.

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Salmon dish from the lunch menu

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Cashew Thai. Lunch Menu

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Pork Belly Rice. Lunch Menu. Of the 3 items above, these were servicable decent and affordable lunch eat options.

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We ordered the spring rolls with mango sauce as we’re fond of the ones at Home Thai. This was less good and priced the same. Inside was just bits of carrot/cucumber and we don’t think it warranted the price – compared to the homethai version this was sort of underwhelming. Like a few bits of salad sticks stuck in a spring roll wrapper.

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Do Dee Paidang Chinatown – Level 3 Spice levels

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The Levels. As mentioned earlier, they have these in spice levels 1,3,5 and 7. It should be noted, these come in 2 sizes, a small for $5.50 and a large for $10. We got 2 smalls for $5.50 each. Top pic is the Level 3, the bottom is the Level 7 (classed on the menu, rather delightfully as the SuperNova). When we placed the order, the waitress was like “You sure you want? Very spicy” and then proceeded to grab the chilli pot on the table. Three scoops. We said yes, she shook her head a little and left. When she came back. We recieved the Level 3, and 7 dishes. Both dishes are the same, clear bean (?) vermicelli, crispy wontony noodles on top, pork, and fish balls. Only the spice level is different. The Level 3 is a spicy simple eat. It’s fiery but nothing overtly impossible. You can still taste the ingredients. The supernova however is a totally different story. It does not smell like much anymore, just a nostril searing hotness. Its very spicy and it was a bit of a challenge getting to the bottom of the bowl – you’ll need water, it’ll give your tastebuds a scorching and there’s no real taste of food left. We finish. We also pay for it later.

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We came to Do Dee Paidang for the Level 7 and being that sort of dish, it was sort of a food challenge and we enjoyed it. The remaining dishes were decent thai eats. We did enjoy our meal here. It was fun and different. Their menu was extensive and affordable. Go Supernova.


Do Dee Paidang Chinatown

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