Located along enmore road on the far end, cow and moon artisan gelato is the 4th gelato joint in the immediate king street/enmore precinct. Unlike the other 3, cow moon’s moniker of “artisan” gelato is very much mirrored in their gelato lab/deco which suggests a strongly made in house, non chain store gelato. The shop has ample seating and presented well, with a somewhat crafty feel. Outside of gelato, they also sell gelato cakes, various sweets and do coffees+ cakes. They also have sorbets in the extreme Right fridge.

Gelato breakdown: one of the things at you immediately note is that the gelato here isn’t super sweet like the other places, which is both surprising and can feel somewhat deflating, a not so sweet ice cream? But after a few bites, I discovered I quite preferred it. Diabetic coma, avoided.

Vanilla. Good
Cherry. Tasted a bit like cough medicine
Pomergranate. Who eats pomegranates? We couldn’t be sure if the flavor reflected the fruit. Thought it tasted like grapes
Stratecitella. Good.
Cookies and cream. Great.
Hokey pokey. Vanilla with chunks of caramel. Good

What you see in these pics are medium serves at $5.90.

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