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[Invite] Citi has a dining program where Citi customers dining with Citi partnered restaurants will receive a complimentary bottle of wine with their Meal. We popped into Bentley Restaurant for dinner and to check out the Citibank Dining Program free wine offering and the unbelievable food from Brent Savage. Housed in an corner site of Hunter and Oconnell Street, Bentley Restaurant inside is an intriguingly luxe and cutting edge feel with suspended black batons hanging in the space breaking up what is a fairly neo classical space. Black dominates the space and the restaurant has a look that is both classy and luxe.



The darkly modern look that Bentley has starts at the entry portico, travels up the bar and along the kitchen and upstairs to where the elevated dining space sits. It’s high ceiling spaces are reduced with the addition of the black members hovering in the air, with that hint of mysterious art installation feel.


Mount Pleasant Philip Shiraz 2014 Vintage

Citi Customers will get this delicious Mount Pleasant Philip Shiraz free at Bentley Restaurant as part of their Citibank Dining Program. A nice cool climate shiraz that drank well with the dishes from The Bentley’s tasting menu.



Spanner Crab, Carrot Bacon Finger Lime


Snapper Dash, roasted Celery Heart, Cured Apple


Bass Grouper, Pumpkin, Green Olive, Shiso


Duck, Pickled Muntries, Comte and Kohlrabi


Wagyu Skirt, Jerusalem Artichoke, Shimeji Mushrooms


Yogurt, Black Olive, Lemonade Fruit


Violet Ice Cream, Cocoa Honeycomb with Blueberry


Across the Bentley tasting menu that we got into tonight, it is the clarity and sharp simplicity behind these dishes that made each stand out and a reminder with each bite that this one is one of Australia’s best restaurants. Their light Snapper Dashi that melded with the celery heart shavings and cured apple to duck with pickled muntries – its like biting in mini berries that tasted like apples. Amazingly pretty dish is more than just looks – one that revealed itself when with each bite with each component coming into sharp focus on the palate.

Pork Cheek featured a melt on your tongue piece of pork with a flavoursome jamon crust in lieu of pork crackling. A light and compelling dish contrasted with their wagyu with jerusalem artichoke and shimeji mushrooms that followed – a dish very much grounded by the jerusalem artichokes and mushrooms with their earthy flavours marrying well with that tender wagyu skirt that’s left to stand on its own merit.

Yogurt, black olive and lemonade fruit. A curiously black blob arrives with a creamy white yogurt centre. Lemonade fruit is the dominant flavour, a light refreshing palate cleanser of a pre dessert that you savour in small bites. There is little acidity but the yogurt’s tartness is noted. Bentley’s Violet Ice Cream is one we’ve had before one – a delicate ice cream dessert with fizzy sherbet twigs that seem to reference the sticks suspended in space here. Dinner is book-ended with amuse bouches and petit fours. Their salted caramel button a bonanza of savouriness.

All these served up on gorgeous chuchu crockery. Diners looking to experience more out of dinner are able to look at what Citi is offering. Dinner at Bentley was sublime with attentive and friendly staff who talked indepth about the dishes tabled and offered insights into Savage’s cuisine. Highly Memorable.

Citi Live More Dining Bentley Restaurant

Citi Live More Dining Bentley Restaurant

Bentley Restaurant
27 O’Connell St, Sydney
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