Choya Umeshu is a sweet and sour ume based liqueur out of japan – and they had their launch at one of our favourite venues in Sydney – the Owlhouse. The liqeuer itself is a sweetish tangy plum essence. Ume or Japanese Plum Blossom is a sweet sour apricot-like fruit. Amir from the Owl house alongside Roy Ner guru of a chef- set out to create a menu based on Choya; with cocktails and food pairings designed to showcase the product. Special mention has to be given to the green chocbots from four friends which were quite delicious.

Four Friends – ChoyaBots had a savoury bitter choya filling and were custom made. Cute to look at and good to eat.
The Owlhouse is one of a handful of bars around Sydney that does molecular and these are spherised choya balls with a dusting of matcha. Lime Lime Bitters with Choya.
A choyatini – Amir used the choya plum as a olive and this was an easy drinking cocktail. Quite nice and easy to drink. Choya and Ketel One vodka. You don’t need more.
Scallops with white miso (Ceviche) on a cripsy wonton skin. The food here at the owlhouse is always a stand out (be sure to check our writeup) and yes, this was tasty and fresh
A Geisha Marmalade. Cumquat, Cucumber, Choya. Clean fresh delicious. A nice summery drink
These pulled pork sandwiches (steamed bun) were great. Tasty tasty tasty.
Amir making a “The Insurance Policy” cocktail. We enquire, why the name and he tells us that its choya, campari, Grand Marnier (CGC) and the room lights up in beals of laughter.
Fresh Blood Orange juice gives the Insurance Policy its red hues.
The Insurance Policy is negronish – one of our fav drinks today.
Short Rib San Choy Bow. Marinated in Choya, these were great.
Dessert. A Choya donut filled with pineapple, pear and choya – pipping hot and better than most donuts you have ever had.

Choya is now officially launched in australia and its a pretty easy to drink, sweetish ume liquer. Available at Dan Murphys and BWS. Its one to check out. We also really enjoyed dropping back into The Owl House and seeing the inventive tasty treats that they came up with to pair with the Choya Cocktails. The short rib and scallop ceviche were pretty great. We can’t wait for their upcoming Spring Menu.


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