Bun Mese located on Victoria street in Darlinghurst is a Vietnamese roll joint and this stretch of Darlo is quite the food street with plenty to eat. This time, the spot light is on the Eat Viet store. We popped in for lunch with a buddy who worked nearby and checked out their Vietnamese Banh Mis. (Bánh mì is a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread).
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Inside, the joint is efficient as they all tend to be (have you guys seen Marrickville Pork Roll?) but this is darlinghurst and you probably won’t be able to get with ghetto so Bun Mese is wholely appealing with timber panelling, dark tiles and hanging lanterns. From their menu, you can get fresh juices, vietnamese coffees, smoothies, ricepaper rolls and then the Banh Mi Thits – There’s Traditional, Vego, Cha Cha Chicken, Disco Beef, PeakingDck and Pigsy.

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The vego bunmese $7 (shitake, pickled carrot, cucumber, mayo, chilli, special soy). Michael had this and thought it was delicious with a great chilli kick. We quite like what they did with the carrots – it seems to have been shredded (as opposed to the stick of carrot you get in other places) and its all thin and smooth looking.

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Duck Bunmese $9 (Peking Duck, pate, pickled carrot, cucumber, mayo, chilli, hoisin). Vietnamese ice coffee. Really delicious and with Peking duck taste profile and a generous large serve. The bread it should be noted isn’t as crusty and flaky as Marrickville Pork Roll’s so it won’t go all over you when you sit down to eat it. Vietnamese Coffee was also nice and a good drink

Bun mese was good eating and we really enjoyed their food today. Rolls were large and quite filling and that’s the requisite really for an affordable yummy lunch option. They’re open til 5.30pm with a pretty great Happy Hour price of $10 for pork roll and medium juice. Eat Viet.

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