Best Desserts in Sydney

if like us, you have that crazy insatiable sweet tooth (oh we like them savoury dishes too). The following are the best desserts in Sydney. If you’re going to schelp your way around the city. Here’s the creme de la creme of the sydney dessert scene.

Black Star Pastry Watermelon Cake

Black Star Pastry

With 3 locations around Sydney, its the OG Black Star Pastry in Newtown that wins us over (heyo walking distance) – their Watermelon Cake is one of the most instagrammed cake in Sydney and it’s a veritable cake fiend’s delight. Delightfully, light, somewhat tangy from the strawberry and fresh and crisp with that watermelon. It really is easily one of Sydney’s best.

Eltopo Mexican - Bondi Junction (10)

El Topo

We came here for dinner and drinks one time and El Topo‘s food was pretty great. We had a great time slurping magaritas but when desserts arrived. This blew our socks off. Its creamy, caramely – good texture in this. Had to order another one right after. Yes, it was that good

Knafeh Jerusalem Street Food (10)


Knafeh is a creamy polenta brulee like dish and what truly makes this is the festive fun nature of the Knafeh show (watch them bearded bakers dancing is a hoot) once it gets going. Delicious, warm custard. It gets better as the weather cools down.


Bourke Street Bakery

When at Bourke Street Bakery, you seriously can’t go past their ginger brulee tart. A light ginger packed custart tart with somewhat bitter edge of the burnt sugar is revelatory. There’s heaps of other delightful treats here too. Sauso roll is amazing

N2 Extreme Gelato Newtown (8)


If you’re looking for Extreme Gelato, N2’s house of liquid Nitrogen Gelato are some of Sydney’s best – There’s one in Newtown and the OG in Chinatown. You can’t go wrong with these babies – the theatrical quality of the gelato and the ever changing menu means this is a must. Even their funky biscuits and vegemite one; we quite enjoyed.

Gelato-Messina-Darlinghurst-Dessert-Bar (9)

Gelato Messina

The ever expanding Gelato Messina and Gelato Messinga Dessert Bar are favourites that we try to avoid (why avoid? Because we can’t stop eating!). It’s literally faceplant at the doors of Messina into their mounds of amazing gelato. Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Elvis the Fat Years and Cremino flavours from Messina proper are next level. Dessert Bar and their appearances at various markets and the creative behind these popups is why they’re here.

Makmak Macaron

MakMak Macarons

Carlos Heng and Dan Pigott’s Makmak Macaron located on the St Peters end of King Street makes some of Sydney’s best Macarons. Yes, there’s plenty to be had else where but our go-to is MakMak. Their flavour profiles are inventive, the macarons are 100% local and we dig them. Best!

Panacotta Lamington Flour and Stone

Flour and Stone

Nadine Ingram’s flour and stone bakery does lots of amazing eats. We actually didn’t get to eat this for a long time as their Panacotta Lamington Cake was always sold out when we popped in. First tasting happened at a birthday when the birthday gal order a whole one of these and it was incredible. It’s a very light, coolly delicious cake. Hard to describe but its pretty magical on the cake front.

Lorraines Patisserie Merivale Ivy


Lorainne’s Patisserie

Excuse the hideous plastic wrapping on that cake but Lorainne Godsmark‘s Strawberry Mascarpone cake with Coconut is pretty banging. Strictly a takeaway joint, we kind of had to hustle away and try and find somewhere to eat this with our plastic fork but the cake along with her other treats are pretty spot on. Tasty. Also, occassionally, Rockpool’s amazing Date Tart shows up and it is absolutely essential.

Fratelli Parlamento & Cafe Sopra (11)

Fratelli Fresh

Fratelli‘s dishes up some pretty ace italian eats but you really really can’t go past the Banoffe Pie here? No room for dessert? Just order it anyhow. There won’t be very much left on the plate once you get that first mouthful in. One bite leads to another. Oops we accidentally a Banoffee Pie.



#Oneoff. Oh how we miss this. Drink and Dine’s Queenies is located in Surry hills and we popped in for dinner the one time, over ordered on the eats but there was a banoffee pie here so we decided to go for it. It’s a Rum Laced on and it’s big enough for 2-3. This was one of those comically “oh god, this is so good” moments where we subsequentlly shovelled the pie into our cakehole til there was no more. Please someone recipe please.

BrewtownNewtown - Newtown (8)

Brewtown Newtown

Zumbo brought cronuts to Sydney and yet somehow it was Brewtown Newtown and their hipstergasm venue of a cafe that brought their now brewnut to the masses. Now wholesaling across Sydney, we reckon nothing beats eating a brewtown cronut than sitting at their front tiled table, drinking a nice pourover coffee and one of these babies. Cronutgasm you guys.

Devon on Danks - Waterloo (9)

Devon/Devon on Danks

This is a sweet breakfast option from the team at Devon and available at both venues (Devon on Danks). Looking more closely, its probably just pipped out Three Williams version of this. Nice fried brioche french toast, heaps of fruit and crumble and ice cream. It’s a nice generous serve and delightfully indulgent for Breakfast. Yes.

Harrys Bondi (11)

Harry’s Bondi

Like Devon’s brioche – this skirts the dessert line but we’d happily eat this after a savoury main for breakfast. Harry’s fresh and fruit blueberry and ricotta panckaes is amazing.

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