Best Burgers in Sydney? Best Burgers in Sydney.

This coming 28th May is Hamburger Day. And there’s no better day to kick off our Best Burger Guides to Sydney and where you really ought to be spending your money. Real talk, No hype. The juiciest, beefiest, best meat in a sandwich you can find in Sydney.

Barrio Chino Kings Cross (7)

Barrio Cellar’s Torta

Barrio Chino (now shut – thanks lockouts!) is a surprise entrant here being a Tequila Bar and Taqueria but their Barrio Torta is one of the best burgers you’ll eat in Sydney. Nice hint of spice/heat from the jalapeno, there’s ozzy cheese and that fragrant note of basil as you chow down. It’s our favourite burger in Sydney and one we can’t get enough of. You can now get these burger excellence from their new CBD store Barrio Cellar.

Bar Luca + BL Burgers

From the house that Blame Canada built is easily one the best burger joints in Sydney – Bar Luca‘s Standout Blame Canada burger is an incredible umami bomb combining Canadian Poutine with their wagyu patties for a real taste hit. Any given night, their city location is vibey and packed and its not a surprise. The team behind Bar Luca have since gone on to open BL Burgers and BL Burgers Bondi. We’d hit them for their special burgers which tend to delight the palate. While you’re at it, get yourself some incredible Blame Canada Icecream.

Marys CBD - castlereagh street CBD (3)


Mary’s and their subsequent burger hole in the wall Mary’s CBD consistently dishes up some of Sydney’s best burgers. Different beasts, there’s plenty to like here but Mary’s Chicken burger at $10 a pop is a real burgergasm. Make your way to Mary’s Newtown and smash a double mary’s with trashcan bacon and drink some delicious young Henry’s cider. So good.

Pub life kitchen Ultimo-10

Pub Life Kitchen

Jovan Curic’s venue Pub Life Kitchen out at Ultimo dishes up some of the best burgers in Sydney. There’s no best of here. Everything is good – amazing cheeseburgers, chicken burgers and their OG. It’s an essential burger lovers burger joint. We’re partial to their buttermilk fried chicken burger. Crunchy with a delicious coating that screams perfection. Juiciness with quality aged beef patties for winning umami. We’ve had that PLK’s superior burgers are gonna find themselves a home at Wakeley. Very soon!

Belly Baoger - Bellybao Goodgod (4)

Belly Bao

Coming out of nowhere is Belly Bao’s Baoger. It’s a fusion burger (comboing Taiwanese Gua Bao buns and burgers) and what you end up with is a curious umami bomb. Chewy Bao buns, medium beef, crunchy radish and a delicious asian mayo makes this a winner. A Thursday only Special that burger fiends must visit.

Mister Gee

Oh yes. Mister Gee Burger Truck and the devilish Gee is an instagram super star and the queues and social media attention is not off base. Surprisingly soft buns that don’t look like they would be. Tender well seasoned medium beef; oozzy cheese and just delectable. The real deal. With a rotating menu of 1 burger a week (so good them), this is a definite must. The echelon of Sydney Burgers, no mic dropping needed. You go to them. This is the foodtruck that’s like a brick and mortar and the masses love them.

Five Points Burger North Sydney (3)

5 Points Burgers

5 Points  is every North Shore office workers wet dream. Gooey cheese, thick meat patties, crispy bacon. They can’t get enough and we’re really not surprised. When the burgers are this good. You’ll be wiping that cheesy grin off your face.


Bonarche Burgers

Bonarche out at Leichhardt is a bit of a surprise. A smallish mum and pop burger joint dishes up some rather amazing burgers with plenty of flavour. Finger licking good with large sizable hunks of filling. Classic Aussie Burgers done good.

Vics Meat Market

Vic Meat Markets

Located at the Sydney Fish Market in its own custom built complex is Vics Meat Market complex. Pop on in, and you’ll note the ginormous commercial grade Yoder Smoker. There’s 3 options on the burgers, wagyu cheeseburger, smoked brisket and a pulled pork one. Smoked Brisket burger came with soft slightly sweet bun, slaw, bbq sauce and generous hunks of briskets. Very tasty and the burnt ends packed a real flavour punch. $10 bucks.

Ume Burger Popup - Surry hills (4)

Ume Burgers (Pop up)

Filed under the strictly limited Ume Burgers are a once a month Pop up by the guys behind Ume Restaurant, a Japanese Fine Diner. Japanese burgers with a twist. Their Standard Ume Burger comes with a savoury mince as a sauce; there’s also an epic prawn (Ubi) burger and a pork katsu one. It’s a change from your beef burgers and when you hear they’re coming – you better free up that calender.

Double burgers for 15 and Papi chulo burgers for ten all night tonight. Come get fat with me #burgerdiet

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Papi Chulo

Merivale’s Papi Chulo is helmed by Canadian Patrick Friesen and they do pretty mean burgers and these really are as he descibes. So Juicy. They’re actually super pillowy buns and the beef is sensational. Real good stuff.

Henrietta Supper Club

Henrietta Supper Club

Henrietta Supper Club is the city’s best late night burger joint. They’re open LATE LATE LATE as they sit outside the lockout and its a hospo crowd favourite. Pop in at 3 am which you can still walk (or let in) and their Royale with Cheese is absolutely bang on.

Bang Bang Cafe

Housed up in Surry Hills is this unassuming cafe that punches way above its weight with some stellar burgers. With a killer classic all stars and crispy AF bacon, Bang Bang does classics well. Also on their menu, a bloody great sloppy joe burger that is essential. Young gun matty maddrell shows everyone how its done.

Juicy Lucy Chicken Surry Hills Jugernauts (16)

Juicy Lucy Chicken

Yes, its a newbie of a venue – but Juicy Lucy’s chicken burger is one hell of a treat. Its shades of Deus Popup but also plenty of Sugarcane. Pretty much bang on. Juicy Lucy Chicken is a great succulent tasty delight and one we return to now and oh again and again. You can also find Juicy Lucy now at their dining hall. Crispy, fat AF chicken patties, delicious crinkle fries with asian spices. Yes please!

Thirsty Bird

Also on the chicken burger front, Thirsty Bird from the excellent Mr Crackles is kicking goals and taking names. If you had to describe the burger with one word? It would be CRISPYAF. pretty damn great. Can’t even cope with just how great their burgers are. Between them and Juicy Lucy, you’re in chicken burger heaven!

Guilty Sydney

James aka Jimmy Hurlstone is Australia’s biggest burger instagrammer. And he’s written a book on burgers and his restaurant Easey’s in Melbourne is an incredible experiential visit. No surprises then that Guilty Burgers delivers some perfect bites with their burgers this side of Sydney postcode 2010. Get some tots while you’re here.

Listed ammended September 2016.

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